Monday, June 21, 2010

wow party-eddie ross

as i told you here, i  planned on attending the wow party, hosted by eddie ross and the owner of scentimental gardens, debra phillips.  eddie was of course super nice and very funny.  he gave some great tips and as i was listening to him, i thought to myself- i would love to go to one of his parties!  his attention to detail and quick tips he shared are what make everything seem so much more special  when throwing a party.  i got a lot of great ideas and it really inspired me!  i am definitely going to a flea market asap!

the event was held at the dunham woods riding club in wayne, il which is about 1 hour west of chicago.
this was one of two barns outside of the main building.

cozy sitting room right off the entrance to the restaurant and banquet area

stairway down to the restrooms, which i thought was just beautiful

one of the things i really like about eddie is the fact that he doesn't spend millions of dollars on his items. he goes to flea markets, tag sales and thrift stores to find his gems that really transform his parties to look like a million bucks. also, he thinks outside the box to re-purpose many of his finds. from turning old tea containers into vases or using small teacups to serve appetizers, these are the things that create a unique look to a party.

there were about 100 reserved tickets for the event, a good turn out!

jaithan, eddie's partner, mingling with a guest

this was a really cute centerpiece- just a potted plant, baby tears, trimmed with candles. 
so cute for an outdoor dinner

buffet spread which included crudite, cheeses, tortellini and fruit
the evening was great and i'm so glad i went!  thank you to my sister who attended the event with me!


  1. Looks like fun!

    (And I'm so glad that you photographed that stairway for us. I'm majorly inspired.)


  2. It was such a great event - I was on the lookout for you but there were so many people I never saw you! Looks like you had a great time though - the place was amazing and I loved all of Eddie's and Debra's ideas!

  3. the photo is super cute, and i love your tank tops! i too, love that eddie uses inexpensive finds to create stunning tablescapes. i wish i could do the same!

  4. looks like a blast. eddie and jaithan are the BEST guys in the world. i luuuuv them! :)