Wednesday, June 16, 2010


doesn't this staircase freakin rock?!
{note:  it has a railing that is glass, so it is still kid friendly-kind of}

here's another great staircase-love the railing.
it's especially nice because they make great use of the space underneath it.
this is one spectacular itty bitty area, no?

here- i just love the glass, steel and dark wood combo
gives it a light and airy feel and just enough modern for me
{not so much on the coffee table though}
that's all i have...enjoy your wednesday!

via 1-??, 2- 3- nuevo estilo


  1. I wish I had a second to furnish in a modern decor. That is a great use of space under the stairs.

  2. I love the first pic. Love the stairs @1st. didn't know they had glass for railing. It reminds me of modern w/southwestern I'll take it.

  3. whoa, those are wild! especially the second one. it kind of looks like it'll just float up and close the ceiling if you're not careful.