Wednesday, June 30, 2010

seeing double

i'll admit it, i've never thought to place a pair of coffee tables in my living room.  apparently this amazing designer does it all the time and now i know why.  they look perfect in every one of these rooms and all of these rooms are amazingly gorgeous.  think about it:  if you love it so much, why not buy two-it's as simple as that.  what a great new way to add a layering element, no?

all images via campion platt

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

do you want this?

isn't this z gallerie owl vase so cute!?  if you want to win this cutie, go over the the way were are and enter her giveaway.  i know that i really want to win!
{plus} you should visit her blog anyway-such a cute and interesting one to visit

via z gallerie

adler + doonan

i was roaming through the pages of shelter pop and came across jonathan adler and simon doonan's shelter island home.  i was super excited to see what the very creative and talented couple had in store for us.  i am a huge fan of jonathan adler and couldn't wait to click on the link...sorry to say i was not impressed.  i know i'm not in the best mood today, so is that playing with my reaction?  this was just too much for me- i like many of the pieces separately but, i don't know.  what do you think?  total bust for me.  to check out the rest of the home go here.

don't get me wrong:  i love the chair, pillows, mirror, table and orange console, but collectively, not working for me, maybe i'm over-stimulated. 

via shelter pop

Monday, June 28, 2010

pier 1 deal of a century

i am so glad jen, from made by girl, tipped me off on this great find at pier 1. 
i had been thinking about purchasing the mongolian lamb pillow from west elm. 
but, when i heard that she bought hers from pier 1 for a fraction of the cost {$40}
i literally bought it 2 hours after reading her post.

i just love my new furry friend-i never thought i'd have a pet lamb!
but this was not the deal of a century-no friends...this lover is

originally $249 and you'll never guess how much i paid...guess
$45, it's true!

i must have had a horse shoe stuck to me because i also found this
beautiful diamond pattern rug on sale for $29.99

so, i got all three items for less than the chair would have cost, way less
i paid $127.65

here's my new friend getting acquainted with the others

so cute, right?

who says...

who says you can't blow out your birthday candles twice in one year?
we picked up this strawberry cake at the store last night while doing some shopping.
jaxon wanted to blow out candles, so i lit a candle.

his birthday is august 2nd though...
but he needed practice blowing the candle out!
and eating cake!
then he flipped the script...pushed his cake away and wanted
the chicken that dan just finished grilling.
definitely his daddy's boy.

he had such a great time-the little things kids get a kick out of- too bad adults aren't as easy to please!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one living space {equals} one beautiful living

i just love the idea of an open living space where all the rooms collectively come together in one space. 
isn't this one easy, breezy and beautiful space.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bed makeover??

i have been thinking about a bedroom makeover-because i really hate our room right now.  i  haven't really put any effort into this room so i think it's about time.
  i have many different ideas, and cannot narrow it down.
when we finally move, we want a king-size bed, so we will need a new headboard. 

love this whole wingback situation going on

how could you not go for this tufted goodness

this reminded me of a screen i saw at z gallerie

isn't she a beauty?

however, sometimes i think i want to go modern with a platform bed, but downside: not sure if i want to deal with tucking in my covers

then, i saw this bed when we went to z gallerie.  now, it's not my first choice, but i have a bed very similar to this already. 
here' it is...if i painted this white and recovered the fabric area in the middle of the headboard...
finished it with nailhead trim-voila new bed -until we get a king.  once we get the new bed, this will just go in the guest room, but it will be a lot nicer and i definitely want to ditch the matchy matchy dressers!
what do you think?

Monday, June 21, 2010

wow party-eddie ross

as i told you here, i  planned on attending the wow party, hosted by eddie ross and the owner of scentimental gardens, debra phillips.  eddie was of course super nice and very funny.  he gave some great tips and as i was listening to him, i thought to myself- i would love to go to one of his parties!  his attention to detail and quick tips he shared are what make everything seem so much more special  when throwing a party.  i got a lot of great ideas and it really inspired me!  i am definitely going to a flea market asap!

the event was held at the dunham woods riding club in wayne, il which is about 1 hour west of chicago.
this was one of two barns outside of the main building.

cozy sitting room right off the entrance to the restaurant and banquet area

stairway down to the restrooms, which i thought was just beautiful

one of the things i really like about eddie is the fact that he doesn't spend millions of dollars on his items. he goes to flea markets, tag sales and thrift stores to find his gems that really transform his parties to look like a million bucks. also, he thinks outside the box to re-purpose many of his finds. from turning old tea containers into vases or using small teacups to serve appetizers, these are the things that create a unique look to a party.

there were about 100 reserved tickets for the event, a good turn out!

jaithan, eddie's partner, mingling with a guest

this was a really cute centerpiece- just a potted plant, baby tears, trimmed with candles. 
so cute for an outdoor dinner

buffet spread which included crudite, cheeses, tortellini and fruit
the evening was great and i'm so glad i went!  thank you to my sister who attended the event with me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i found the one!

ally, from the right bank, is hosting a challenge: what's your style in one picture.

it was a difficult task, but here it is...

why did i choose this one you ask?  maybe it was the fluffy rug, or the lucite armed chair, or the aqua color chair, the tulip table, the woven barrel chair, the x stool, and the beamed ceiling.  it was the combination of all things i adore.  the ironic thing, i found this image on ally's blog where she found it on decorpad.

this was my runner up:  but as i looked closer, it didn't have all the elements like the one above.  this one did get the gasp reaction out of me though.

via from the right bank, rpowers

a perfect dose of...

each of these rooms have a perfect dose of...







classic traditional