Friday, April 30, 2010

do you trust bilson?

question: why does rachel bilson have a monthly column for InStyle magazine when she wears stuff like this:
gold lame (can't figure out how to add the accent) gone bad

was this taken in the 90's

this dress would be ok if it had a top

i'm not trying to hate on her, she's such a gorgeous girl, but i think there are more sylish celebs out there that should be giving advice. from the images above, i am even more qualified. i will give her credit though, here looks aren't always that bad- she does have decent style at times:

images via flickr

but just average- far from the best i've seen. i don't know, maybe it' just me...would you take fashion advice from rachel based on these looks? am i being too hard on her? (remember the top three, yikes!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

on to the next one



so, here's the deal. we are looking for a home and i am really, really, really ready to move. so i found a house in a great neighborhood, great school district and great price!!! we were about to put an offer on the table when we saw that it just went into contract-sigh!!! this house was almost everything that i would want in a house-you know you can never get everything on the list. so like any other normal person- i basically stalked the house. drove by it before and after we viewed it with the realtor and then another couple of few times, that's it.

well, you can imagine my disappointment and deflation of excitement when i heard the news. i seriously stalked this house online and off-i was practically making friends with the neighbors-no i wasn't but you get the point.

then, this beauty (pictured above) came into my life. a new muse, if you will. this is better than the other house but with a bigger price tag, of course. almost too big but not quite, if you know what i'm mean. definitely a harder sell for my husband-on the price. so now the cycle begins once again. i think i do this (stalking-for a lack of better words) because it keeps my mind busy and optimistic-and i can start imagining how i will decorate this house-it's all about daydreaming people. keeps you from going crazy when you're trying to sell your place.

p.s. the interior is amazing!! tall, beamed ceilings, large open floor plan, ugh...what am i going to do?!

random thought no. 001

image via flickr

is it me or does it feel like it is easier to potty train a puppy than a toddler? is it because the dog is smarter or because the kid is way smarter and is playing mind games...i think the latter. or is it because you can't really put a diaper on a dog so you are forced to get the training done in a week or your house will become a very large bathroom. just a thought.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sandra bullock


have you heard that sandra bullock adopted a baby boy from new orleans a few months back. they kept it a secret for 3 months now. how cute is he! read more about it here.

oh so succulent

i love succulents. i feel like there has been a new surge of them and they have made a comeback in homes as a great modern plant. here is my little dose via my living room. i picked these up several months back at a great modern plant store in chicago, sprout home. i used these pier 1 tea light holders for vases- which were a gift from my friend awhile back. total project: $12-ish

the following are amazing succulent gardens and centerpieces. maybe i'll do something bigger and better one the near future.

via flora grubb gardens

via succulent love

now that's a succulent garden!

via etsy

via west elm

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tippin on tuesday

tip # 002: if you are wondering if your eggs are still ok to consume, fill a bowl with water and place the egg in the water. if it floats you shold throw it out, but if it sinks to the bottom it is fine. i used this method today to make ina's buttermilk-cheddar-buscuits. they were tasty with a drizzle of honey. yummmm

oh, also, if you don't have a rolling pin-or are a spaz like me and packed it away to de-clutter your house for showings- use a drinking glass. it worked wonderfully.

tips today are courtesy of my lovely mother. thank you!

oh britney!

check this out, britney spears photo shoot shown before and after airbrushing. in my opinion-she doesn't look that bad before-at all!

Monday, April 26, 2010


a couple weekends ago, when we had nice weather, we went to a bike path/park a couple minutes from our condo. it was really nice and jaxon got to run around a ton. i can't believe we have only been here one other time in the 5 years we have lived here. although it is beautiful, i still can't wait to move to the burbs!

why do dogs roll in the grass? i swear she is rolling in goose poop!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

how do you dine?

lately i have been planning/designing my dining room. this would be fine if i actually had a dining room. well, at least i will be ready once i move, right? i guess being the indecisive person i am ...i should do this more often-less drama. here we go:
guilded knot mirror via horchow

...or janice minor porcupine quill miror
via horchow $699.90
(totally finding a knock-off though)

jonathan adler via lamps plus

sabastian acrylic armed ghost chair
interior express outlet
$120 each

antoinette sofa via urban outfitters

depression era dining table via ebay

i would accessorize with sheepskin throws on the ghost chairs and oversized white vases
to brighten up the room. can't wait!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

spring is in the air

i love this tree and plan to buy one when we get a house. it is so cute and short. i thought the first image was great when i took it because the leaves were all out, but then when i saw the blooms this past week, i was all--ahhhhh....
this year i am really taking in the springtime: weather, trees in bloom, flowers starting to sprout. it just seems like in the past years i don't pay attention and all of a sudden there are leaves on the trees and all these flowers that came from nowhere. i think spring is my favorite season now. happy spring!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sex in the city set

peak into the set of sex and the city 2. here's carrie's bedroom. i love the headboard, desk and wall treatment...yum!


sometimes when you see celebs they are wearing looks that are strictly for the red carpet or a photoshoot. not these: they are so lovely i want to wear them all. if only i had somewhere to go in them! check it out...
except this...of course
oh rihanna, what would we do without you...this is a prime example of what you would never wear if you weren't a celeb, or i guess if you weren't rihanna

kerry washington always seems to be featured in fashion mags. this silhouette seems like it would be so flattering- not too clingy and a good length for us short girls. the watercolor/art look is supposed to be hot this season!

perfect everyday outfit-i seriously need to wear this getup one day-time to go shopping!

to a party or dinner (only the top underneath would have to be a little longer)

i love this so much: the color, the belt, the assymetrical drapeyness

via instyle

jonathan adler

wouldn't it be fun to have these in your living room. i would sit in it all day long, just as this dog probably does. i want one please!

via jonathan adler

Monday, April 19, 2010




look how cute these pillows are: $5 each from crate&barrel outlet!

i plan to re-cover ottoman in this fabric and change out pillows at that time

we bought a new sofa and loveseat awhile ago and we kept this ottoman from the old set. it was so drab and pretty much matched my walls, ugh! so here's a quick fix until i re-cover the piece. i found the small stool at homegoods for like $30. add a vase w/some decorative branches...shazamm a small vignette for almost nothing. this sits in my eat-in kitchen area.
stay tuned for the ottoman facelift!

Friday, April 16, 2010

kitchen krush

from the oversized, rustic table combined with the modern chairs; the gorgeous stone fireplace and the delicate chandelier make this kitchen l-o-v-e-l-y.

you would think that the wood floors, table, wall and cabinets would make the room feel dark and be a wood overload, not the case here. the white from the countertops, light fixture and chairs mixed with the stainless steel accents make this room airy and- in a word- wonderful!

via elle decor

walnut cabinets

walnut cabinets are my new love. they are so simple, yet unique. love the rich color and the natural feel these cabinets give.