Monday, April 12, 2010

the 8th deadly sin?

while i was at my parents' house yesterday, we watched color splash, starring david bromstad (who i love btw). i sometimes wish i could be friends with him. i do that a lot when i watch reality tv. for instance, i would like to be friends with khloe and kourtney kardashian, jeff lewis (from bravo's flipping out), tori spelling-well maybe not her...she doesn't seem as fun when i watched her show last week on oxygen , and giuliani rancic...the list could go on forever but you get the point.

anyway...back to watching color splash. so they were re-designing a fireplace and painting the brick, while giving it a tuscan look. my dad said "painting brick is a sin" and he was serious and got a little upset. funny, right?
in my opinion, painted brick totally updates the room in some cases, even the exterior of a house can look better painted, giving it a clean, modern look. i always drive by this house and think: "if only they painted the brick and siding, this house would look so much better!" (less barnish)

like this house near my neighborhood


  1. I love this house the grey one. I never thought painted brick would look good but OMG. I also saw that episode about the brick fireplace and it looked awesome after it was painted it totally changed the whole look. Just looked so updated and FRESH.
    I need to look at this house where is it?

  2. i know, can you imagine the possibilities of the first house-with a fresh coat of paint! the grey house is in hyde park on woodlawn.

  3. I wish you allot of luck with your Blog, I for one will be looking forword to your new POSTS. Keep it coming.

  4. I love Jeff Lewis! He's such a nut job! Do you watch Jerseylicious? Or any RH? Omg i'm a loser.

  5. i'm a loser too, cuz i watch just about any reality show out there. i can't help it, they suck me in...i'm an addict.