Thursday, July 29, 2010


what if your love had this set up for you for your birthday or special occasion?  would you just die!?
have a great weekend!

well, he would probably have to spray it like crazy for all the bugs...but besides that...wouldn't it be lovely

deal of a century #2 {via cb outlet}

i still can't believe i SCORED this dandy firefly pendant from crate and barrel outlet for $65.00.  they are priced at $199 at cb2 right now.  the greatest part about this purchase is that i went to cb2 on tuesday and saw this light fixture and was seriously considering it.  so, when my sister showed it to me while we were shopping yesterday, i let out a squeal, high-fived her and couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home.

how nice does this look used as a set of three.

i think i plan to put this over an island in the kitchen, {when i get one... an island and a house}

via cb2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my love for mid-century modern chairs

i have been obssessing over mid century modern chairs for months {in my head}.  i love these type of chairs in just about any room, but mostly in a dining room mixed with a more traditional table.  i would specifically want these in my kitchen with a round pedestal table.  i actually need these, they would make me so happy!

how much do you love them mixed with the king of tradition, mr. wingback?
vincente wolfe

a little bit more expected with the clean white table. 
althouth i am hating the setting of this (plants, wall color, bar cart- it just doesn't go with it)

i love me some rustic modern!

full blown m-c mod

not only do i love the chairs, it's the floor, the wonderful menagerie of pendants, the fireplace tiles, the bamboo garden, ebony floors, high-architecturally interesting ceiling and a fireplace adjacent to the table.

rustic/modern/elegant...another fav of mine

this is what "design love" feels like. 
this is the happiest mix of furniture i have ever seen


and the one that got it all started.
 i already posted about this lovely and will probably post about again and again
what's not to love?  seriously name one thing...i dare you

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a little afternoon fun with a fish and spray paint

now that i have finished my desk, i am going to move on to the mid century dresser that i picked up at another garage sale about a month ago.  more on that later.  but meanwhile, i bought this fish at tuesday morning for $15.  i was driving by the store and thought i saw a ceramic owl in the window.  so i stopped in my tracks and ran in the store really quick to find out it was a fish. seems like the owl has had its hay day anyway.  look how ugly it was before i spray primed and painted him.  such an improvement!
one thing i learned from my desk painting experience...spray paint fo sho!  well obviously on ceramic, but i'm going to spray paint the dresser too.  hopefully it won't take me nearly as long as the desk!



Monday, July 26, 2010

clothesure: fantasy monday

laura, at clothesure, started a weekly feature where she interviews a fellow blogger for a deeper insight to their world and fantasies.  well... this week she featured, yours truly.  i talked about my dream: house, closet, and job, who inspires me and much more.  she has a great blog mostly touching on fashion, but she gives you a little bit of everything too.  if you want to check out the feature and her blog, here's the link.

thanks for having me laura!  happy monday everyone!

Friday, July 23, 2010


remember when i told you that i scored this desk for ten dollars.  well, i finally finished it...through all of the sanding, coats of paint, etc. i am pretty pleased with the product.

before:  doesn't look as bad in the picture as in person.
cracked, dented, scratched top, dingy off white drawers, jacked up front leg. 
nothing that can't be fixed, right?

sand, wood putty, sand, prime, sand
paint, sand, paint.  find out i don't like the color-too light.  buy darker color. replace one of the front legs. spray paint gold feet. paint 4 or 5 coats or more, can't remember.
and here it is. 

i bought these knobs at anthro.  i never thought a knobs could make me so happy!
really, someone should not get so happy.
in person, the colors are much more saturated.

this will stay at my parents' house until i get a new house.
and now on to the next project- mid century dresser.  more to come on monday. 
have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

new members

i mentioned my love for succulents a while back,
and my love remains as strong as before.
so as you can imagine, i was thrilled when
i came across this beautiful quartet...
at none other than {drum roll}

and this beauty...meijer as well.

this is an oldie...i'm so proud that i've kept this
"air plant" alive. 
all you have to do is soak it once every few weeks in water and you can place it pretty much where ever you want.
why do i love succulents so much, you may ask?  first, the modern vibe they exude.  there are so many unique varieties and i just love them all.  also, i just feel like they bring so much "life" to a room- as a toss pillow does to a sofa.  and lastly, they are super duper easy to take care of.  i love my newest members of my beloved succulent family!

diy art...maybe?

the artwork in these images have really brought out my inner artiest
no offense to the artist, but i think i can pull these off. 
i may just do it (last image)and then show you when i'm done
what do you think?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beautiful birthday

i came across this gorgeous 1st birthday party.  how fabulous is this?!
it is so inspiring and i wish i had the energy to do something this fab!
don't you just love the color story and little details?
check out her site for more pictures.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i love this space!

i love this space and want to marry it.
vaulted, beamed ceilings-check. 
the three very unique and beautiful pendants in a cluster of three-check. 
{i actually wrote a post about the "green" basketweave pendant here.}
beautifully tufted ottoman-check.
cowhide rug-check.
dining room chairs with reclaimed wood table-check.check.

Monday, July 19, 2010


this bedroom is designed on the minimalistic side, however there are such strong elements in the space
the headboard has this textured pattern that flows into the wall.
and check out the side table-it has a table within it
just interesting and thought i would share.

Friday, July 16, 2010

popsicle, popsicle

i bought these popsicle molds at target and let me tell you, what an inexpensive and super easy
way to get your toddler excited!

they're so much better than the pre-made ones in the freezer section
because you can make them with 100% juice

and your kid really enjoys them

so excited, as he say's a "yes, alright!"
**i may take way too many pictures, because before i gave him one, i said "wait one second" and jaxon said "oh, you have to take a picture first"- he's only 2 and he knows the drill.

so keep cool and make some homemade popsicles this weekend and if you don't have kids, make them for yourself {you can always spike them!}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

enter, please

i just love a well thought-out/designed entry.  it's the first impression of your house and the first thing you see when you get home from a hard day...
why not do a little something special to make you smile each day you come in.

i really like the simplicity of these pendants-set in a cluster to make them...less simple.

this is my favorite for about 10 different reasons

i know we've all seen this one, but i had to include it
i love a beautiful gold starburst mirror right off the entry

i'm in love with the colors and the two pendants mirroring each other
this is perfection!

this is a breath of fresh air.  those panels outside the doors are amazing.

i think this would be stunning to walk into: clean.crisp.lines.
elle decor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


no post today...busy doing sit ups, push ups, cardio {anything}
i don't know why...but i've gotten motivated to get in shape today
her body is rockin'- are you kidding me!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the bolder, the more beautiful!

sometimes less is more, but in these rooms- more is definitely more.

pink usually doesn't do it for me, but for some reason this is all good

this room just makes me happy :)

i have chairs like these that need to be fixed up, this may be a leading contender.

i love the touch of yellow with the purple