Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the bolder, the more beautiful!

sometimes less is more, but in these rooms- more is definitely more.

pink usually doesn't do it for me, but for some reason this is all good

this room just makes me happy :)

i have chairs like these that need to be fixed up, this may be a leading contender.

i love the touch of yellow with the purple


  1. great images! I love something in each picture.
    Especially love the blue ottoman and b&w rug and the yellow chairs :)

  2. NUMBER TWO. I'm in love. What an incredible room. That rug...I die!

  3. hey! im trying to get all the bloggers on my blogroll to let me feature them some monday--care to participate?? let me know your email and ill send you the q's :)

  4. I'm head over heels for the black and white room with pale blue accents.

  5. I adore these photos! Such bold accents really make an impact. Loved my first visit to your blog - will be following so I don't miss any of your fun posts!