Friday, July 23, 2010


remember when i told you that i scored this desk for ten dollars.  well, i finally finished it...through all of the sanding, coats of paint, etc. i am pretty pleased with the product.

before:  doesn't look as bad in the picture as in person.
cracked, dented, scratched top, dingy off white drawers, jacked up front leg. 
nothing that can't be fixed, right?

sand, wood putty, sand, prime, sand
paint, sand, paint.  find out i don't like the color-too light.  buy darker color. replace one of the front legs. spray paint gold feet. paint 4 or 5 coats or more, can't remember.
and here it is. 

i bought these knobs at anthro.  i never thought a knobs could make me so happy!
really, someone should not get so happy.
in person, the colors are much more saturated.

this will stay at my parents' house until i get a new house.
and now on to the next project- mid century dresser.  more to come on monday. 
have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this desk! And I can't believe you got it for $10! I have been seeing a lot of white drawers with a different coloured frame and I really like the look of it. Great job!

  2. All that hard work paid off!!!

  3. seriously did you do that? Wow-completely impressed. The desk looks amazing and those knobs just finish it off. Don't you just love Anthropologie? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. Look forward to more posts :)

  4. That's an amazing deal. I love the gray and cream paint colors, and the knobs are such a gorgeous finishing piece. It seemed like a labor of love, but the finished product looks fantastic!

  5. Its amazing...and so are you!!!

  6. I love the desk it looks so beautiful. I still can't believe that you finished it and who would've thunk that you would even do something like that. Wow my lil girl.:)

  7. wow this looks great! i am so not handy enough to do this. im impressed!

  8. thanks everyone! it was definitely a lot of work, but i would do it again. i worked out most of the mistakes this time around, so next time will be a lot easier.

  9. This is an amazing transformation, Alison! I can't get over that it was $10! GREAT JOB!

  10. Alison, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love the Anthro knobs!!! I especially love the contrasting colors you used on the desk...tres chic!!!

  11. what a cute mid-century desk! i love the 2 colors that you chose--the paint job looks flawless!

  12. It looks so cute love the mix of paint colors