Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my love for mid-century modern chairs

i have been obssessing over mid century modern chairs for months {in my head}.  i love these type of chairs in just about any room, but mostly in a dining room mixed with a more traditional table.  i would specifically want these in my kitchen with a round pedestal table.  i actually need these, they would make me so happy!

how much do you love them mixed with the king of tradition, mr. wingback?
vincente wolfe

a little bit more expected with the clean white table. 
althouth i am hating the setting of this (plants, wall color, bar cart- it just doesn't go with it)

i love me some rustic modern!

full blown m-c mod

not only do i love the chairs, it's the floor, the wonderful menagerie of pendants, the fireplace tiles, the bamboo garden, ebony floors, high-architecturally interesting ceiling and a fireplace adjacent to the table.

rustic/modern/elegant...another fav of mine

this is what "design love" feels like. 
this is the happiest mix of furniture i have ever seen


and the one that got it all started.
 i already posted about this lovely and will probably post about again and again
what's not to love?  seriously name one thing...i dare you


  1. You're right, I can't say anything bad! My favourite are the Eames Eiffel chairs.

  2. I love the unexpected element these chairs add to the mix. They have a simplicity all their own.

  3. Very inspiring post... I think you found the next Scandinavian design classic I'll be writing about ;)


  4. i LOVE every picture in this post! vincent wolf is such a master of mixing in mid century pieces into a rustic/modern/eclectic setting. and i totally agree---that last picture is perfection. those grey walls are totally scrumptious!

  5. I am with you-totally my style!