Monday, July 26, 2010

clothesure: fantasy monday

laura, at clothesure, started a weekly feature where she interviews a fellow blogger for a deeper insight to their world and fantasies.  well... this week she featured, yours truly.  i talked about my dream: house, closet, and job, who inspires me and much more.  she has a great blog mostly touching on fashion, but she gives you a little bit of everything too.  if you want to check out the feature and her blog, here's the link.

thanks for having me laura!  happy monday everyone!


  1. oh will check it out. I have not been to hear website. Heading over....

  2. Hey Allison, thanks for stopping by!!! So, stop by my blog to see the great reveal: An entire week of giveaways!!


  3. great interview! you are totally sjp and i am always envious of your amazing sense of fashion (cases in point: #1 you getting picked out of a room of hundreds on the nate berkus shoot #2 me telling you that i try to think of your outfits while dressing myself to make sure i am looking good).

  4. Alison, I know you might think that just because I'm your mom that I say things to make you feel good. But for real you are so very good at what you do, your nani always knew that you will be someone in fashion industry, well she was right. You don't even have to think it just comes to your head all the colors and what goes with what. I am so glad that you are my daughter and you keep me dressed pretty nice, Thanks a milliion :)

  5. That was such a fantastic interview! I'm so excited for you! I am a huge fan of SJP's style... I just don't have the clothes to pull that kind of look off. Lol. Getting interviewed is such a huge deal. Congrats!

  6. KUDOS Alison!!! I think you've done an awesome job with you blog... and the proof is in this interview. It was definitely a showcase on who you are as a blogger... nice profile piece!