Wednesday, July 14, 2010


no post today...busy doing sit ups, push ups, cardio {anything}
i don't know why...but i've gotten motivated to get in shape today
her body is rockin'- are you kidding me!


  1. who wouldn't just by looking at her pic. maybe I'll do the same go downstairs and work out a lil bit thanks Alison :)

  2. Totally agree this is the perfect motivation! Smokin!

  3. why is is that looking at a stunning room makes me happy and giddy but looking at a woman with a fantastic body makes me want to curl up in my bed and eat ice cream? i guess it just seems like TOO much work. ih goodness. how lazy did THAT sound??
    have fun sweating!
    oh, and YAY for grellow!

  4. i know im trying to get there too..this pic is great motivation!

  5. Totally rockin' but I bet she doesn't eat. Well maybe a carrot or two here and there.