Friday, October 29, 2010

kitchen cute {plus more}

i've been picking up the cutest little things for the kitchen lately.

like this s&p set for {drumroll} $3 at pier 1

 a teaspoon set from anthropologie:  $7.95 {can you believe it}
i just love their sales.

 and this is an option for the back splash...

here's the {plus more}
a intricate lantern from z gallerie which i will probably place in my living room

and a sneak peak of my chairs.
does this fabric look familiar?
crate & barrel custom upholstery fabric
which i scored at cbo {crate&barrel outlet}
i am so excited about this purchase and can't wait to get started
on re-upholstering these puppies :)

have a great weekend everyone!
oh, and check out my picks for cute loot today over at

Thursday, October 28, 2010

black is beautiful

i love those chairs and that sideboard.
it's amazing that you don't even realize that teh walls are black/charcoal because of all the white furniture and accessories.
this is definitely the way to do dark walls!
and i think i want these chairs or something like them...

**sorry, i found this in my files and i didn't put a source with it, if you know-holla.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a teepee for my little man

i finished the teepee for jaxon!
here are the supplies, minus the stitch witchery which i didn't use

for the most part it was pretty easy, i think i made it harder than it was because i was being super anal.
you fold the canvas into a triangle and then cut the bottom portion into a semi-circle, and the tip of the triangle into a small semi-circle.

assemble the sticks, which i probably re-did like 50 times...i was obsessed with getting it perfectly spread apart.

 voila, a teepee is made!
 the tutorial said to use grommets, but i didn't feel like dealing with them, so i just hand stitched the opening at the top with some yarn, which made it more rustic and playful anyway.
 i initially bought a feather trim for the bottom of the teepee, but after opening the package i asked myself, do i really want his floor to be covered in feathers everyday {answer:  no}  what was i thinking?
but since i got the trim for such a good deal {hobby lobby $5- it was 50% off of $10} i had to find something else to trim.  duh, the ugly lamp that i have been wanting to throw away for about 3 years but always had high hopes for...
 see i told you it was ugly, well the lampshade at least. it's definitely seen better days and it doesn't go with the decor i'm going for in jaxon's big boy room
 i bought a lampshade at crate and barrel outlet {my version of goodwill, which i never have luck at and everyone else and their mother seems to} for $5!

it's a natural grasscloth-type fabric perfect for the room

so of course i trimmed that bad boy in the feathers
and there you have it, a lamp makeover for 10 bucks.
i might paint the stand this weekend, not sure yet.

 i'm not sure if i still want to trim the hem of the teepee.  i saw a cute "leather" fringe trim, but i don't really want to take the teepee to a super literal/authentic state.  i know it's a teepee, how modern can you be with it, right? 

thoughts on the fringe, yes or no?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a hot greazzy mess + a new blog you should check out!!

my walls in the kitchen are painted a flat ivory color.
flat paint + cooking = nasty-ness
they are crying for a backsplash, as i am too!
here are some options...

classic subway tile, can't go wrong

i just love this, but will it be overwhelming?
{not navy, maybe a black or really dark brown}

subtle, but very interesting

also, another subtle option, but my countertops are a medley of
beige brown and some really dark brown-black flecks,
not sure if grey will look good.
jeff lewis design

bling-nation, i probably wouldn't do this but it's fun to look at.

my favorite, but i think it may be too pricey.  i need to find a knock off somewhere.
i really enjoy the classic vibe but it also has a modern kick to it.

this tile would match my counters, but i think i need something to brighten up the kitchen because my cabinets are the same color as this picture too. hmmm...
*thanks to you paid more than me for all of these images and for her research.
apparently we have similar tastes in backsplash tiles!

on another topic, i am a weekly contributor for name your design the blog.

she is an awesomely talented designer and has had a ton on her plate between her shopstationary line 

and recent collaboration with itzy ritzy including these cute reusable bags that use her fabric design.

what makes these bags so great you ask?
Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened bags (pictured above) support the World Hunger Relief and the World Food Program. The bags are available for purchase on the From Hunger to Hope website and come in packs of two for $20. Proceeds from each bag go toward feeding 40 hungry children across the go and buy some today!

check me out in action over there her blog is super cute too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

buy a house, get a chair for free...

when we bought our house, this lonely chair was left behind.  personally, i would have never bought this chair because it's just not my taste.  i probably would not even buy it at a garage sale, but now it's ours and i decided to make the best of it.  and what better way to spruce up a piece of furniture than to paint it.

when in doubt, paint it white, right?
now it is used for our little "office area" in our kitchen.
not bad, now i really like it! 

and here's a sneak peak of the teepee i'm working on.
it's almost finished, i just have to add trim, so i don't want to spoil the finale!
i'll try to have it finished mid-week.
have a great monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

the award for best designed trophy goes to...


three things about this:
1. eat your heart out jesse
2. i wouldn't mind that trophy on my mantel
3. what are these awards?

via extra

Thursday, October 21, 2010

big boy room

i think it's time for me to start thinking about a big boy room for jaxon. 
and i want to have this cute teepee in the corner of it.
i figured it would motivate me to finish the project if i posted about it.
let's see how quick this project gets done...

i'm going to use this tutorial, it seems easy enough. 
wish me luck, hopefully i'll have something by next week!

via madebygirl via bella mancini

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

are sequins in?

kim turned 30 recently and celebrated her birthday in nyc at tao.
in case you weren't aware, sequin attire is super in
kim and her girls had a theme going...

{check out her heels, they are sick!}

Brittany Gasteneau-bff

even her second look has a bit of glitz on the top

i guess khloe didn't get the memo?
but she looks really great, right!

i love these sisters and can't get enough of their shows.

photos via extra

Monday, October 18, 2010

checking in: tides south beach

i am IN LOVE with this hotel!
the tides south beach is such a great interpretation of 

the large coral display is killing me along with the sofa and garden stools

i love the rounded shape on all of the furniture and the warm color pallette.

the same elements are used in various areas of the hotel, making me really want these chairs, really!
and what about that pattern on the wall, wouln't you just die...

i think i've featured this room before, but never knew it was from this hotel.
so...pretty sure it would be a bad idea to vacation here, seeing that i would be pretty depressed upon my departure, and i'd go broke trying to duplicate this look in my home somehow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

best meal of the week

i made this on wednesday and it was a big hit. 

chicken breast with red bell peppers and onions in a
white wine sauce

 plated with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes

 blackberry streusel topped pie with carmel ice cream
{store bought}

here's how i made it:
*butterfly and season chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.
*sautee thinly sliced onions in olive oil on a medium low heat until softened, remove.
*sautee sliced bell peppers in olive oil and butter mixture on medium heat until slightly browned and semi-soft, remove.
*cook seasoned chicken in the same pan that the onions and peppers were cooked in for around 10 minutes or so depending on the thickness of the meat. remove.
*keeping the pan on medium high heat, add 1 Tbsp. butter to the pan and scrape up the browned bits left from the chicken and then add a tablespoon of flour, whisking it together to form a paste
*cook for about 30-45 seconds.  than add about a cup of wine whisking until it reduces a bit. 
*then add some chicken stock and finely chopped garlic and whisk until it bubbles then lower heat and let it cook for a few minutes, add a bit of salt to taste.
*place the chicken, onions and peppers in pan with sauce and stirred. 

mashed potatoes
*peel and cut potatoes into small chunks (i used golden yukons)
*boil unti fork tender
*drain and mash with milk, butter, sour cream, salt and pepper

*clean and cut the ends of asparagus
*grill on a grill pan with olive oil until slightly browned, but still firm
*season with a little salt

this was so good and it was pretty simple.  i kind of made up the recipe as i went and i was pleasantly surprised.  try it out, trust me, you will enjoy it! 

{it may look a little complicated but i made this dish on a weeknight after working all day and it was done in no time.}