Wednesday, October 13, 2010

drew barrymore: hollywood, vintage, glam

i've never seen drew look more beautiful and she is really giving us her sexiest look, right!

this dress is my favorite, and she makes it look so good, even without shoes!
the door makes a great accessory in this shot, those handles are the bomb.

weird...i wore this while sitting by the pool this weekend too ;)

she really lost a lot of weight, but she still looks good. 
sidenote:  how much do you love that headboard?

i'm seeing ms. drew in a whole new light after this covershoot for harper's bazaar.  if you would like to see more of the shoot, check it out here.


  1. She looks great! My husband saw her two years ago at The Spotted Pig in NYC, and said she was just as skinny then..

  2. Holy moly! I have never seen Drew like that either!

  3. She does look great. I love the first and second dress.

  4. I've always loved Ms.Barrymore, but my hubs is not a fan for some reason. He says she needs a tan hahaha Needless to say, I'm naturally dark all year round...guess it's a good thing he likes my look!

  5. I love Drew heavy or thin she is very adorable and love the yellow dress and you are right the door is awesome I wanna door just like that.

  6. OMG these pics are gorgeous of her! Wow, stunning!

    Hope your having a great week sweetie!


  7. I agree completely-I have seen some pics of her lately and she looks the best she has ever looked yet!