Wednesday, October 20, 2010

are sequins in?

kim turned 30 recently and celebrated her birthday in nyc at tao.
in case you weren't aware, sequin attire is super in
kim and her girls had a theme going...

{check out her heels, they are sick!}

Brittany Gasteneau-bff

even her second look has a bit of glitz on the top

i guess khloe didn't get the memo?
but she looks really great, right!

i love these sisters and can't get enough of their shows.

photos via extra


  1. ha ha I agree Khloe didn't get the memo but doesn't she look great?

  2. I have to admit their show is my guilty pleasure!! lol!


  3. i love them to...the dark hair is what really gives them that extra ommfph. i agree. sequins are in. I am going to buy me one sequin piece, and move on from this trend.

  4. loving the sequin trend! you can dress sequins up or down, which is a lot of fun :)

  5. I never miss their those girls..they are a hoot!

  6. definitely a guilty pleasure!