Thursday, September 30, 2010

cute stuff: henry road

check out this cute site.  they sell a little of everything

pony bank

union jack 3 leg stool
love the cute green button thrown in

ceramic crate

specialty wall tiles

this mixture is so good

all photos via henry road

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

why can't i be more like my son

we went out to lunch today to the atlanta bread co. and i asked jaxon what he wanted.  right away he pointed to the apple pastry and told me he wanted that one.  he knew exactly what he wanted right away and didn't change his mind {even with all the delicious choices they had}.

i have a huge problem with decision making and making my mind up.  and once i make up my mind, i usually change it several times after.

sometimes it can be quite a hassle.  case in point: after renting a truck on saturday to pick up our dining room table at crate and barrel outlet (my obsession) and having it in our house for a day, asking you for advice on chairs, i just changed my mind.  

the was a big, oops!  i just couldn't get over the fact that it was a veneer to look like bamboo, the color of the stain was a poopy/reddish brown, it was 84 inches long, so it was taking up way too much space and let's not forget the fact that it looked like a conference table- just a bit.  it was a final sale, but after pleading with the manager-in the end, i was able to return it.  the whole ordeal was such a time consuming fiasco but i learned a very important lesson. 

 and so my dining room looks like it did saturday morning.  an empty room with a white dresser and pictures stacked on the wall that need to be hung.

so thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments and sorry i wasted your time, and mine. 

hopefully i can settle on a style that fits my house and this time i definitely need to make sure it is the right one, before arriving at my house.

Monday, September 27, 2010

buy this, you'll love me for it. {and a dining room dilemma}

this popcorn maker is the best.  it may as well be called a crackcorn popper. 
it is a microwave popcorn maker that is super easy. 
1-  simply pour corn kernels into the bottom, making a thin layer
2- place desired amount of butter/margerine in the mesh strainer on the cap (i prefer 2 Tbsp)
3-  microwave for 2-3 minutes
4- sprinkle salt and enjoy.
it is so yummy to my tummy
buy it here

{this was my lunch on sunday}

and while i have your attention:

we bought a dining room table on saturday.  i just don't have any chairs and i just thought i might ask my blog friends if you have any great suggestions.  remember that i am trying to coordinate
 the white dresser-turned sideboard- into the mix

i was thinking something like this, but wanted other options as i know my hubs won't really be down for the budget that these will involve.

thanks for any suggestions or input.  i'm counting on you guys because i pretty stumped...

Friday, September 24, 2010

wilderness calling?

a couple days ago, i wrote about the trend that has been among us and is still strong:  rustic, outdoor, wilderness inspired home decor.  then i was thinking...i have a few items in my house that are a result of this trend and of course me just liking some natural-esque elements. here are a few:

one of my first projects, my bent wood side table

jewelry tree from urban outfitters

 art from cb2 in my unfinished dining room

moose trhophy from cardboard safari.  i still have to assemble this for jaxon's playroom

kitchen chairs-i adore you my loves

so, clearly i love this trend which is news to me! 

have a great fall weekend! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my ottoman: dressed up in marimekko

i have finally finished my ottoman!  so glad this project is completed and i'm pretty pleased with it.  she doesn't have a place yet in my home, but i'm thinking somewhere in the living room, involving a tall mirror propped beside it or behind it.  i'll keep you posted.

i had originally wanted to change the legs to either a mid-century style or a curvy/antiquey style, but i didn't feel like dealing with the headache.  these will do- i just spray painted them with a satin black.

you can't really tell in the picture, but this fabric has a great sheen from the painted detail.

sorry the pictures are so dark, i'm too lazy to lighten them right now.  and to refresh your is the before.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

dallas does it big

we've all heard the saying that texas does everything big.  not only are these houses in dallas big in size, they are super big in style.  check out a few of these super stylin' houses that made it on the the top 10 most beautiful new homes in dallas according to d home magazine

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

viceroy: miami

the viceroy miami is every bit of luxury and style you could imagine. 
and why not just live there,
especially when 14 of the residences were designed by kelly wearsler, holla!
the rest of the rooms are designed by TUI Lifestyle

here is the spa- isn't it magnificent?!!
i can't believe there are ghost chairs in the "pool" area.
their spa and fitness center totals 28,000 sq feet

images from viceroy

Monday, September 20, 2010

my wild side

so, let's just clear this up first...i am not the type of girl that goes camping, does outdoor type activites like hiking or likes a cabin type decor for my home.  but, a trend that has been strong and continues to keep people's interest is rustic/wilderness/nature.  i myself have even got caught up on this trend. {i recently bought a cardboard moose head for my son's play room which i still have to put together.} 
here are a few items that are inspired by nature.

shot glasses:  what better way to take part in this trend
{wouldn't this be a cute gift idea for the holidays}

platform bed in a natural wood finish

pendant:  i think i read that there are only 6 of these made, ever

wood bowl, you can't get more earthy than this, right?

i like the clean, modern lines of this chair contrasted with the natural material -wood of course

i know i have professed my love for horns, here we go again
jayson home & garden

ok, this vase is a little overboard but it is nature inspired for sure

lastly, a far-fetched interpretation, but still provides a natural design element mixed with modern industrial goodness.

i don't know about you, but i think this is a pretty chic way to showcase your love for the wild, outdoors.  i found all of these items at chicago based stores, so here's some love for you chicago!

p.s. i'm almost done with my ottoman, stay tuned later in the week for the finished product.

Friday, September 17, 2010

love everything about it

what's not to love:
dark walls
yellow and grey
perfect grey walls
floor lamp
faux throw
pinstriped fabric
gold accents
to list a few

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1.2.3. oh how i love thee

if i had any of these items in my house, i'd be the happiest girl on the block!

i wonder if i like tufted, lucite furniture?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

one room, three views

if you read a handful of blogs, i'm sure you've seen this home when it graced the pages of lonny

but, i don't remember seeing this shot...
or this one...and i thought i would share.

Monday, September 13, 2010

busy weekend

moving into this house, there was absolutely no landscaping and a blank slate in the backyard.  perfect.
room for my imagination...luckily my dad is cement finisher and he framed our patio this weekend.  i have an inspiration picture, here.

and, the best babysitter evah!

and then these to finish the weekend off, a must!
p.s. sorry i haven't been visiting you guys lately, i'll get back on track soon, promise ;)