Wednesday, September 29, 2010

why can't i be more like my son

we went out to lunch today to the atlanta bread co. and i asked jaxon what he wanted.  right away he pointed to the apple pastry and told me he wanted that one.  he knew exactly what he wanted right away and didn't change his mind {even with all the delicious choices they had}.

i have a huge problem with decision making and making my mind up.  and once i make up my mind, i usually change it several times after.

sometimes it can be quite a hassle.  case in point: after renting a truck on saturday to pick up our dining room table at crate and barrel outlet (my obsession) and having it in our house for a day, asking you for advice on chairs, i just changed my mind.  

the was a big, oops!  i just couldn't get over the fact that it was a veneer to look like bamboo, the color of the stain was a poopy/reddish brown, it was 84 inches long, so it was taking up way too much space and let's not forget the fact that it looked like a conference table- just a bit.  it was a final sale, but after pleading with the manager-in the end, i was able to return it.  the whole ordeal was such a time consuming fiasco but i learned a very important lesson. 

 and so my dining room looks like it did saturday morning.  an empty room with a white dresser and pictures stacked on the wall that need to be hung.

so thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments and sorry i wasted your time, and mine. 

hopefully i can settle on a style that fits my house and this time i definitely need to make sure it is the right one, before arriving at my house.


  1. Your son is too cute :o)

    And as far as your dining room table go, don't ever feel sad for knowing what is right and wrong.
    Maybe that table just wasn't it, but the right one will come along and with that lots of happy moments around it!

    Enjoy the pastry with your son instead of worrying about a table, after all your family is what counts.

    xoxo Nicole Lisa

  2. Girl please, you didn't waste time. It's better to change your mind then to be stuck with a table you hate. Look on the bright side, you got your money back..... AND, you still get to shop for a new table.

  3. They are tough decisions! Luckily they took it back! Cutest photo btw!

  4. ugh! I'm the same way! I'm the most absolute worst with decisions. I have the most awful buyer's remorse and always want what I didn't pick haha I wish I could be more like your son too- picking a direction and not looking back!

  5. Love the third and fourth images. Although your son's pastry looks pretty darn good too. : )