Monday, September 20, 2010

my wild side

so, let's just clear this up first...i am not the type of girl that goes camping, does outdoor type activites like hiking or likes a cabin type decor for my home.  but, a trend that has been strong and continues to keep people's interest is rustic/wilderness/nature.  i myself have even got caught up on this trend. {i recently bought a cardboard moose head for my son's play room which i still have to put together.} 
here are a few items that are inspired by nature.

shot glasses:  what better way to take part in this trend
{wouldn't this be a cute gift idea for the holidays}

platform bed in a natural wood finish

pendant:  i think i read that there are only 6 of these made, ever

wood bowl, you can't get more earthy than this, right?

i like the clean, modern lines of this chair contrasted with the natural material -wood of course

i know i have professed my love for horns, here we go again
jayson home & garden

ok, this vase is a little overboard but it is nature inspired for sure

lastly, a far-fetched interpretation, but still provides a natural design element mixed with modern industrial goodness.

i don't know about you, but i think this is a pretty chic way to showcase your love for the wild, outdoors.  i found all of these items at chicago based stores, so here's some love for you chicago!

p.s. i'm almost done with my ottoman, stay tuned later in the week for the finished product.


  1. I agree I am not a camping kind of girl and don't love cabins but I love that last table!

  2. I agree completely, no camping for me... but I love that outdoorsy, wood bowl! (And I can't wait to see your ottoman!)

  3. I love your blog because I love to be informed on and about diff. trends btw. I love that table.

  4. I am loving the natural wood look too! I want one of those bowls!