Friday, May 28, 2010

what i will miss

i was taking a walk earlier this week and thought to myself:
i am really going to miss this neighborhood.  it is three blocks from my condo and the houses are amazing.  they have a great historic charm, every house is unique and lovely and did i mention they are huge, especially being in the city they are huge.  if we could afford one of these beauties, i may consider staying put, but i don't think we can afford 1-3 million dollars on any of these puppies.

for the longest, i couldn't figure out if this was a condo building or a single family...single family it is-complete with a tennis court, basketball court, pool and large yard.  the garage is bigger than an average house.  this property sits on 1/2 of the city block, that's a lot of land!

this one is decieving, all of the space is hidden in the back

this is the street where obama's house is located

love the windows

walking in this neighborhood is so entertaining to me because of the eclectic homes

louis farrakhan's home-complete with his entourage on guard at all times

this house is wearin' those vines!

great architechture, huge yard

at least i'll have these images to remind me of my beautiful walks in this hyde park/kenwood neighborhood.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ULTRA modern kitchens

i've never seen kitchens more modern than these!
those oversized pendants are beyond!

look at that elevated floating-like fireplace

question...where are the appliances? probably hidden in the cabinets of course.

can you imagine living with a kitchen like this?  i can just say that it would probably never look like this

i know you are now squinting due to the vibrant color in this space as compared to the above stark white kithchens...almost a breath of fresh air, no?  how do you feel about the dual colored cabinets in a kitchen-i'm on the fence...i probably would never do it in my home, but it's pretty to look at.

frosted glass instead of a wall-so lofty and i love it!

have you ever witnessed a set-up like this?

i really like this because of the walnut cabinets mixed with stainless steel

i just had to throw this into the mix, not uber modern but very special, yes?  you know i included it just because it has a beam-like structure.

i think we all know what person lives here, interesting

doesn't this seem bachelor-esque but with the chandelier, not so much

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

jayme armour leffler

so i was flipping through better homes and gardens and came across this cute home furnishings shop owner, jayme armour leffler, of armour & co. she renovated this rental and made it feel just as if she owned it herself. she did a great job considering she referred to the place before she moved in as 'a hunting lodge."
to be honest:  i was just shocked that i found such a cute spread within the pages of bh&g.

i like the bold rug, modern painting and luxe coffee table combined with the subdued furniture and color palette.

love those chairs

this bedroom has a boho vibe, but with clean lines at the same time

many of the items in her house are from her atlanta-based store, of course.  check out the rest here.

giving birth...virtually

alison + dan

= our son, jaxon {at 8(left) and 4(right) months}

not this child?  what do you think...does he/she look like us?  the big dent in its cheek is disturbing me...

i discovered this software while reading tearing up houses...she has a cute one!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sex and the city premiere

love the color love the dress

...not so much for the after party-although i do like the shoes

love her hair, like her dress

like the style of the dress, maybe in a different color

and the after party...the shoes are killing the outfit for me :(

looks cute but could have been better...

am i being too hard on them?  i guess its' their personal style and not their characters'.  these ladies have a lot of pressure in the style department.  SJP totally pulled it off in that yellow dress!  i still can't WAIT to see the movie, wish i could have went to the premiere last night!!

images via crazy days and nights, where you can see more from the premiere

money ain't a thang

if money were no object, my home would be filled with these beauties.  lustworthy, droolworthy, tiny heart palpitation-worthy; in any case, i adore.
baxter club chair $1495

milk glass pendant $1225

 french provencial chairs $6200

mirrored white screen $4500

x-bench $595

fretwork cabinet $3650

heywood wakefield beach chair $3445
{not sure about this one, but it was so unique}


these two are priced semi-reasonably
white deer antlers $230 {i may just get these one day}

silver owl $57 each

check out  pieces inc, even if you can't afford these gems, it will give you great inspiration as you are thrifting, dumpster diving or whatever is your pleasure.

via pieces