Friday, May 28, 2010

what i will miss

i was taking a walk earlier this week and thought to myself:
i am really going to miss this neighborhood.  it is three blocks from my condo and the houses are amazing.  they have a great historic charm, every house is unique and lovely and did i mention they are huge, especially being in the city they are huge.  if we could afford one of these beauties, i may consider staying put, but i don't think we can afford 1-3 million dollars on any of these puppies.

for the longest, i couldn't figure out if this was a condo building or a single family...single family it is-complete with a tennis court, basketball court, pool and large yard.  the garage is bigger than an average house.  this property sits on 1/2 of the city block, that's a lot of land!

this one is decieving, all of the space is hidden in the back

this is the street where obama's house is located

love the windows

walking in this neighborhood is so entertaining to me because of the eclectic homes

louis farrakhan's home-complete with his entourage on guard at all times

this house is wearin' those vines!

great architechture, huge yard

at least i'll have these images to remind me of my beautiful walks in this hyde park/kenwood neighborhood.


  1. Wow, thanks for the walking tour of this lovely neighborhood. The first one is a bit too institutional looking for my taste, you are right, it does look like an apartment bdlg. Some of the others are just sooo charming!

  2. Oh my I would miss this wonderful place too, these histoical buildings are amazing!

  3. I didn't realize you were in Hyde Park! I'm in Lincoln Park - so close! What suburb are you moving to?!

  4. we are planning on moving to bolingbrook, or a western suburb in that area. we need the space and yard area for our little one.

  5. Totally understandable - I'm sure we will be at that stage at some point in our lives as well. It's such a nice area!