Tuesday, May 18, 2010

trend alert: biker babes

do you bike often-apparently it's the thing to do now-being eco friendly and green and all...

the pitt-jolie clan enjoying a ride-celebrating brad's 44th b-day {do they ever smile,ever?}

such a free spirit-kate hudson-multi-tasking while looking so darn cute in miami on vaca.
kate beckinsale in santa monica with daughter, nice bike kate
of course i saved the best for last.  in an interview, matthew said that he did a spring cleaning one day and downsized his life to one backpack.  no wonder he's always naked!

photos via in style


  1. It's good to see celebrities enjoying the simple things. You are so right about The Pitt-Jolie's never smiling... what's up with that?

  2. i always wanted to ride in one of those cart things when i was younger--too bad my mom wasn't into riding bikes!

  3. Why does just one of the kids have a helmet on and not the other? Just something I noticed. And can Matthew take a shower and put a shirt on, just once, please.

  4. I am currently "in the market" for a bike...I am looking for one with a basket because we live at the beach and it would be perfect to put my beach bag in and go!

  5. they all look so stress free... hmmm!!!

  6. I'm sorry but he (matthew) is weird as all get out - shirt or not shirt. the whole no deodorant thing weirds me out