Wednesday, May 26, 2010

jayme armour leffler

so i was flipping through better homes and gardens and came across this cute home furnishings shop owner, jayme armour leffler, of armour & co. she renovated this rental and made it feel just as if she owned it herself. she did a great job considering she referred to the place before she moved in as 'a hunting lodge."
to be honest:  i was just shocked that i found such a cute spread within the pages of bh&g.

i like the bold rug, modern painting and luxe coffee table combined with the subdued furniture and color palette.

love those chairs

this bedroom has a boho vibe, but with clean lines at the same time

many of the items in her house are from her atlanta-based store, of course.  check out the rest here.


  1. Shocked too! This place is amazing! I am most drawn to those amazing garden stools! So fun! Happy Wednesday!

  2. In love with this place! Great find!

  3. Love it. I'm going to have to go check out the full article right now. Thanks for sharing this. I completely forget about BH&G sometimes. They'll go a while without having anything good and then bam! article like this one shows up. :o) -cristi

  4. Her bedroom is great - trendy yet earthy at the same time.