Monday, November 29, 2010

finished product

i've been a busy bee the past week and i finally finished-
and took the photos of all the projects i mentioned here.

first- the stencil.
if you haven't heard, all-over stencils can be a beast
and i could not have done this without my mom-literally.
she pretty much did it for me and i love her for it!
 the base is ben moore sidewalk gray in flat and
then stenciled with iced cube silver in semi-gloss.
(i color matched with valspar and was very pleased)

 i really didn't want to show the overview of the room because of
our ginormous tv but you go.
we will eventually get one that fits in the nook
and my husband will be hanging the starburst mirror
i picked up at homegoods months ago.

 second- pedestal side table via
i didn't even sand this, just primed and spray painted
in a satin finish.

here's a reminder of the before...

 third- finished teepee
i finished this teepee with a suede-like fringe on the hem.
now maybe jaxon will play in it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

coolest crib in town

not only is this the chicest crib i've seen in awhile,
what about the floors and the changing table! 
i don't usually get this excited about nurseries,
but this is one adorable room!
don't you also love the mute colors, yet it's not boring.
and the fact that the crib isn't against the wall, just in the center of the room!
nice work!
via bishops inc.

Friday, November 19, 2010

three things

i have a few projects that i've been working on that i will hopefully be finished by this weekend.
here's a little sneak peek


{i know you've seen this, but i decided to do trim}
and before i leave you for the weekend,
here's a little pretty to keep you inspired!
thom filicia

have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

antique shopping with my mama

why is it that when you are looking for something, it seems like you can't find it?
and when you finally buy the item you've been seeking,
you find a ton more options that were there all along?

i went antique shopping with my mom the other day and came across some beauties.
i love this table and actually the 8 chairs that come with it.
for $450, it's a steal!

and i love it so much because it slightly resembles this z gallerie style that i have adored for quite some time.

these chairs are similar to the ones i just purchased. 
all i can say is buyer's remorse...the story of my life.

then we went to another antique shop down the street.  it was huge and had so many treasures.  about 3/4 of the way through it, i thought - oh, i should be taking some pictures-

this would be great above a side table in the bedroom

 some of the pieces were re-finished and had really cute details...

 gotta love a guilded frame
 here's another re-finished piece with unique color choices.
 i love this!  and look at that deal, plus everything was 30% off.  it was hard to pass up.
and actually as i'm writing this post i have a discomfort in my chest- how did i pass this up.
oh, because i don't have anywhere to put it or need for it.
 and these antlers, love!
there was so much more, but like a dumby i didn't start taking pics until i was almost done looking.
i guess it was the amazement i was experiencing.
i bought two small treasures. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cane back dining chairs

i've always loved a good 'ol cane back chair.
and now i have a set of four for my dining room-via ebay.
{well, i'll receive them later this week}
i'm not sure if i will paint them white or stain them a deep dark mahogany
to match the table.
i'm thinking white, but then am i going too much with the trend of painting everything white?
my kitchen chairs are that enough for one house??

these aren't the same exact style, but they are cane back...

and i love this bold print against the white frame
more white and more lovely!
change of heart, totally painting them white!
 especially because white chairs look so nice against a dark table
and because my "sideboard" is white.
now, what about fabric to recover the seats?  hmm...

p.s.  i'm over at
today-doing my weekly feature
'wall art finds a home'
1 unknown, 2,3 decor pad

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

how do you feel about...

how do you feel about...

wall to wall shag carpet

sunken kitchens

 back to back sofas
black hallways
and pupa inspired furniture
let's discuss, shall we?

p.s. check out my weekly contribution over at

image credits: 1,2 roger davies, 3 windsor smith via digging decor , 4 elle decor

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i recently saw these two rooms on sketch 42 and fell in love. 

is it the sculptured legs on the night stand,
mixed with the curves from the wallpaper, lamp and bed...
or billowy balloon window treatments
or maybe the gorgeous detail on the bathroom vanity?
what ever it is, i love this girl's style. 
check out the gorgeous work of jamie herzlinger-she's amazing at what she does.
jamie herzlinger via sketch 42

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

settee, yes or no

how do you feel about a settee in the dining room?
elle decor

this is my absolute favorite dining room!
sarah dorio via made by girl

a rustic twist

how nice would it be to have this in your kitchen nook?
and i just love these wire chairs, wouldn't they look perfect with a settee on the other side?

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Monday, November 8, 2010

who says you can't change a man...

my husband is a guy's guy. he love sports, hates fussy food and fancy restaurants. 
totally opposite of me.
this is why i was totally shocked by this set up last night when he was cooking us dinner.

how cute...he used my ramekins for the loaded baked potato fixin's
i think i'm rubbing off on him...and maybe i'm not changing him- maybe he's evolving

 it may not seem like a huge deal to you, but this is coming from a guy who despises all of my little things i buy for the house (like toss pillows for the couch) because he doesn't see a purpose for them.  he's simple- his ideal dinner is chicken wings and homemade mac n cheese.
so, thanks babe!  i loved our dinner{steak, loaded baked pototoes and asparagus} last night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

i've caught pouf fever

as you know, i've been working on jaxon's big boy room and i think i want to include the ever-so-popular pouf!

 however i want to attempt to make one?  or ask my mom to knit one for us {please}
in this shade of red/orange

i also adore this sheepskin version, but not for 300 dollars, no thanks. 

and as we all know, this seems to be the most popular style of pouf used in home decor recently.

the leather moroccan ottoman-pouf

 amanda nesbitt used this style in this perfectly pink room

this would have been a cute option too! 

i am just LOVING this room! the pendant, frames on the wall and of course the double dose of leather poufs in the corner make this nursery heavenly.

what i love about this trend is that you can place it in just about any room...

outdoor patio


and living room!

mama- can you make one for jaxon, please...pretty please!