Monday, November 29, 2010

finished product

i've been a busy bee the past week and i finally finished-
and took the photos of all the projects i mentioned here.

first- the stencil.
if you haven't heard, all-over stencils can be a beast
and i could not have done this without my mom-literally.
she pretty much did it for me and i love her for it!
 the base is ben moore sidewalk gray in flat and
then stenciled with iced cube silver in semi-gloss.
(i color matched with valspar and was very pleased)

 i really didn't want to show the overview of the room because of
our ginormous tv but you go.
we will eventually get one that fits in the nook
and my husband will be hanging the starburst mirror
i picked up at homegoods months ago.

 second- pedestal side table via
i didn't even sand this, just primed and spray painted
in a satin finish.

here's a reminder of the before...

 third- finished teepee
i finished this teepee with a suede-like fringe on the hem.
now maybe jaxon will play in it!


  1. these are all fantastic! love the stencil. I'm so impressed. Been slacking a bit on my own projects...

  2. I love everything Alison! The stencil wall looks amazing, that table looks sooooooo much better in black and the teepee turned out so well!

  3. Your walls look fantastic...was it really that brutal?

  4. LOVE it all! You have been hard at work. Adore that table!

  5. Where did you get the stencil? It's inspiring!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Jessica, I got the stencil from Hobby Lobby for around $15! It was a deal compared the the most recent stencil I purchased for my son's playroom which was $50.

  7. That stencil is wonderful! I want to do one somewhere but I am such a procrastinator about things like that!

  8. I love it the way it turned out. It was my pleasure anything for my girls :) everything you touch you make it beautiful!! :)

  9. I love the stencil! I'm sure it was hard work, but it looks great.


  10. everything looks amazing! need to get over there and see it in person.

  11. OH my goodness everything turned out fantastic! I love it all!


  12. You are so creative. I absolutely adore seeing all your projects. And I love what you did with that little side table. Amazing.

  13. You stenciled that wall (with mom, but still!!)?? You have amazing patience and mad skills. It looks incredible!!


  14. Alison, I'm so impressed, girl! That stencil sounds like a pain, but it really was worth the hardwork you can tell that you put in! It's amazing how a little spray paint transformed that table- I'm really enjoying following along in your house makeover :)

  15. It all turned out amazing! I am so impressed by your stencil work!

  16. it turned out soo well! i love the subtle colors you picked...very sophisticated.