Thursday, November 4, 2010

i've caught pouf fever

as you know, i've been working on jaxon's big boy room and i think i want to include the ever-so-popular pouf!

 however i want to attempt to make one?  or ask my mom to knit one for us {please}
in this shade of red/orange

i also adore this sheepskin version, but not for 300 dollars, no thanks. 

and as we all know, this seems to be the most popular style of pouf used in home decor recently.

the leather moroccan ottoman-pouf

 amanda nesbitt used this style in this perfectly pink room

this would have been a cute option too! 

i am just LOVING this room! the pendant, frames on the wall and of course the double dose of leather poufs in the corner make this nursery heavenly.

what i love about this trend is that you can place it in just about any room...

outdoor patio


and living room!

mama- can you make one for jaxon, please...pretty please!


  1. These are great! I love komaki - looks like a big hydrangea blossom!

  2. I love these as well let's try and make all of them diff. ones for diff. rooms. Wow that would be good Christmas gifts. Believe it or not we use to have these when I lived w/my parents many many years ago.

  3. love that sheepskin number! Wish it wasn't so much money. And yea the tazi ones are great- love the design- but I've always wondered how firm/comfortable they were.

  4. i LOVE these! such a great roundup of "pouf pictures".

  5. I want one too!!! :)

  6. I love the red pouf! I want someone to make me one!

  7. alison-you posted too many good pictures-how can I even comment on all the ones I like? Love the pink nursery, love the pendant in the second nursery and LOVE that living room. My friend Phoebe was trying to convince me to get a pouf but I just wasn't sure....well I am SOLD now!

  8. Oh wow look at them all?! Show me the Pouf! I need one now too. They are all so amazing in their own right. I actually have a photo bookmarked here on my compwith a bedroom that's all turquoise with gold poufs. So chic :) Keep us posted!! xo

  9. so many great poufs, and such great photos! they really ARE versatile little buggers, aren't they?

  10. i love the knit pouf! and the floral one. i've wanted one for awhile too, but i think it would just end up covered in dust..


  11. ok seriously i have been lusting over these dang poufs for months now. i want a white one for our living room. i've got sooo many bookmarked, and your post just reminded me how much i sincerely want one asap! :)