Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cane back dining chairs

i've always loved a good 'ol cane back chair.
and now i have a set of four for my dining room-via ebay.
{well, i'll receive them later this week}
i'm not sure if i will paint them white or stain them a deep dark mahogany
to match the table.
i'm thinking white, but then am i going too much with the trend of painting everything white?
my kitchen chairs are white...is that enough for one house??

these aren't the same exact style, but they are cane back...

and i love this bold print against the white frame
more white and more lovely!
change of heart, totally painting them white!
 especially because white chairs look so nice against a dark table
and because my "sideboard" is white.
now, what about fabric to recover the seats?  hmm...

p.s.  i'm over at
today-doing my weekly feature
'wall art finds a home'
1 unknown, 2,3 decor pad


  1. Love these chairs! Cannot wait to see what you decide to do with them!
    I have a great giveaway today from laken & lila. They have things for boys too!:)stop by!

  2. Those chairs are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!


  3. I think white is the way to go. It's gonna look awesome

  4. Me I am old fashion, but in your case white would be the best but I would go dark because that trend would stay for a long time but then your dresser is white so i would go white but whatever i am just your mom. I will love whatever you choose.

  5. Great score. I'm partial to the white because I think its give them a little bit of that eclectic country look (or maybe I'm just influenced by that awesome last pic.)

  6. not sure if you got my last comment..ok I love all the white! I am having my desk covered in white linen with lucite knobs. Will keep you posted :)