Tuesday, November 9, 2010

settee, yes or no

how do you feel about a settee in the dining room?
elle decor

this is my absolute favorite dining room!
sarah dorio via made by girl

a rustic twist

how nice would it be to have this in your kitchen nook?
and i just love these wire chairs, wouldn't they look perfect with a settee on the other side?

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  1. I LOVEEEEEE that first setup!! I might do that actually!
    <3 Cara
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  2. YES!!! I love it. You can sooooo do that in your Dinning Room.

  3. I love the rustic twist room. I think it can work in the right room and right setee.
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  4. Love the look. As long as its the right seat height, not too deep and practical fabric I say yes to it all the way!!

  5. I love love love the "Elle Decor" & the "House & Home" option. So pretty...beautiful!!! I want it NOW!

  6. I LOVE a settee in the dining room! It is on my list of must-haves for my new house! I will forever love that photo that you found on decor pad...it is my inspiration!

  7. I love everything about that decor pad picture. The vintage table, with the steel chairs and that pendant!! I wish I was "brave" enough to decorate like this. I think I play it too safe all the time. Once again, great round up of pics!

  8. Oh yes except how do they keep them clean?!!! I am always thinking about things like that lol!


  9. Its such a beautiful look...but wondering if its the most practical thing for the dining room?

  10. Ah yes, I'd love to have that kitchen nook!! It is perfection...

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