Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a work in progress...

a few projects in the works...

jaxon's shelves for his big boy room

newly painted campaign dresser for the nursery

i bought a pair of owls at target for each room.  they were a dollar each, so i couldn't pass it up.
i think they were meant for an outdoor figurine because they were in the dollar aisle with all of the outdoor/spring inspired items.
all we did is spray them with a couple coats of paint:  jaxon got white and baby harper gets the gold

remember when i was talking about framing this fabric, well i did.

and how precious is this light fixture?!
i picked it up at an antique store. 
i am so indecisive, but when i went into the store and saw it, i was purchasing it 20 minutes later after browsing the rest of the selection they had to offer.

and this beautifully delicate knit blanket for the crib.

 i wanted to go subtle with the blanket, because i ended up getting this fabric for the sheets.
i ordered this in a turquoise background with a white pattern though.  i just love it!

so as you can see, we've been pretty busy around here. well, actually my husband has been busy painting all of this!  
hopefully one day i'll get back on track with my posts:)