Monday, August 30, 2010

small sneak peak

between the big move, my husband's car getting repaired after it was hit while parked (the person who hit him left a note,how sweet-right,) our computer getting a virus, and cleaning the old place for our tenant- i managed to catch a mother of a cold. sucks big time.  i don't have much for you, but here it is...

friday afternoon-moving day
p.s. the movers quoted us one price and we ended up paying double-go figure

changing out the door knob and locks wednesday after closing

i literally took these photos 30 seconds before leaving the house today


fireplace in family room

dining room

i'll have more once we get more situated and i feel a little better, but for now this cold is kickin my butt!

thanks for all your wonderful comments on our long-awaited move

Thursday, August 26, 2010

cardboard boxes and bleach

the title says it all...this is what my life has consisted of for the past few days.  along with the paperwork, stress and late nights.  yes, we just made the best purchase of our lives, so far.  we closed on our house yesterday!! WOOHOO HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

and this is why my condo is slowly quickly being swallowed by boxes

needless to say, i'll have many pictures once i get this cardboard situation underway.
we do the big move on friday morning. so hopefully monday i'll have some show and tell items for you. 

i am so excited and look forward to sharing my diy projects, before and afters and of course my little treasures i find/found to make my house a home!
so fasten your seatbelts and get ready...
{well, seatbelts aren't really required, but grab or snack or something}

talk to you all on monday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my weekend

we went on a little road trip this past weekend to st. louis which is about 5 hours from chicago.
we have family that lives just outside of the city, which is the reason for the trip.

jaxon thought he needed this winter hat before we i think not.  st. louis weather is no joke.
who thought 5 hours would make such a difference, it does!

we didn't go on this tour, but i thought it was a cute trolley

and we didn't go on a carriage ride, 
it was way too hot for that.

so here's the view as you drive in to the city

that's me

and to my surprise, below the arch was a museum, for free!
i'm so not used to that living in chicago, nothing is free,
 let alone a museum.
we took a ton of pictures but i'll only bore you with one.
then we picked up a few sweet treats and walked back to the car on this beautiful tree lined pathway.

and i should tell you, i had a love affair this weekend
with a couple rolls and the best butter i have ever tasted in all of my life
sweet cinnamon butter on some hot out of the oven bread.
this was seriously the highlight of my evening!
actually all the food we tried was amazing.  i had a pulled pork sandwich that was also the best i've had in my life-delicious!

all in all, it was a great weekend spent with my cousins, aunts and uncles, my mama and little boy.
p.s. tune in tomorrow.  i have a little news. {btw-it's not what you think-no bun in the oven, the only bun in the oven is the two i ate on saturday :)}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


this is the best thing since they have offered inseams!! Levi's Curve ID. 
these jeans are fitted for slight, semi, or full booties.
i'm surprised it has taken this long for a company to come up with this phenomenon.
so ladies, no more bunching, gapping or butt cleavage for you anymore {which ever applies}
check out all the styles on their site.

have a bootylicious tuesday!


Monday, August 23, 2010

pops of citron

i don't care if it's just a pretty floral arrangement done in yellow,

or some printed panels and re-upholstered chairs

maybe a bold painting and a chair

or an entire wall {don't you just love this color combo}

and don't you love this color combo: yellow.grey. purple. yum.

it's all good to me.  i just love me some yeller!

Friday, August 20, 2010

my glossy dresser

first, thanks for all of your advice you gave me on what finish to use on my dresser.  it was a landslide...high gloss was the unanimous vote and i obliged.

here's a refresher of what i started with

and here she is dressed in her white glossy coat

glossified after about 7 1/2 cans of spray paint!  yes, 7 1/2! 
2 cans were heirloom in a satin finish
(this was before i asked your advice and didn't know that i really wanted pure white)
so i think that may have set me back a little.
i'm thinking about lining the drawers with paper or something. 
what's your favorite material to line drawers with? 
any suggestions on a pattern?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my bench grew legs!

it's one thing to have a cowhide rug or a zebra print stool, or of course my mongolian lamb pillow,
but this is o to the freakin' c {out of control}
 i don't know about you...but this disturbs me!
whatcha think?

via oly
** on a sidenote:  i just got my instyle magazine and it is literally as thick as the BIBLE.  gotta go!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guest Post + Strawberry Pancakes + Ice Cream Cone Art

happy wednesday everyone!  check out what i'm talking about at design crisis today where i am guest posting!  it's all about my style commitment issues.  to find out more, head on over...

on another topic, lately i feel like i can't get enough sweets.
yesterday, breakfast consisted of these:

and if that wasn't enough, after lunch i was craving ice cream

i guess it would be fine if i kept this craziness to myself, but i am
pushing my bad habits off on my son...

just look at that inocent face as he goes along with his mommy's crazy habits-licking his sugar crack!

and he takes another trait from me, multi-tasking
aka: ice cream cone art
as you can tell he's not a fan of the cone, just what's inside.
and now we are in a sugar coma...the end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Industrial Strength

i have been noticing more and more, items that are either reclaimed wood from railroad scraps, furniture inspired by factory elements and other various materials re-purposed. 

perfect example of industrial. modern. chic.

this first desk made me literally gasp when i saw it in person at crate & barrel.  the detail on the table top was amazing and i loved the modern shape juxtaposed by the rustic nature of the materials. 

made from reclaimed telephone poles

classic warehouse lighting

reclaimed wood from factories, mills and warehouses. 
i've seen this style of coffee table at a couple different stores.

reclaimed antique doors create this tabletop
wouldn't this be great as a kitchen table with modern chairs?

galvanized steel-enough said.
{i would love to pair this with a traditional pedestal table in a dark finish}

crank and steel= industrial

Friday, August 13, 2010


  love these earrings.  only $22.  obviously my next purchase.

"tacky" is one word that comes to mind if someone said orange leather chair with a studded arm- but when you see the actual piece, it just looks amazing!  i love this chair!
madebygirl via suburban home

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ikea for kids

i know we've all seen this chair at ikea before...
but now they have it for kiddies.  so cute and so affordable - $30!
my sister is buying one for jaxon's birthday gift and i know he'll love it!