Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Industrial Strength

i have been noticing more and more, items that are either reclaimed wood from railroad scraps, furniture inspired by factory elements and other various materials re-purposed. 

perfect example of industrial. modern. chic.

this first desk made me literally gasp when i saw it in person at crate & barrel.  the detail on the table top was amazing and i loved the modern shape juxtaposed by the rustic nature of the materials. 

made from reclaimed telephone poles

classic warehouse lighting

reclaimed wood from factories, mills and warehouses. 
i've seen this style of coffee table at a couple different stores.

reclaimed antique doors create this tabletop
wouldn't this be great as a kitchen table with modern chairs?

galvanized steel-enough said.
{i would love to pair this with a traditional pedestal table in a dark finish}

crank and steel= industrial


  1. wow this is all so interesting...I love the desk and that dining table!

  2. I have noticed this trend myself. I have also noticed the new natural, "scrubbed" wood finishes. Great, textural accents.

  3. yes! i saw that desk at crate and barrel and the coffee table and zgallerie and about peed my pants!!


  4. i have been loving me some wood lately too.

  5. hey if you're at all interested i've got the price list and i can do something special b/c it's direct via me and ariane to my readers. just let me know.


  6. Have always loved reclaimed timber and the industrial look. I think I've decided I NEED that coffee table! BTW - I'm your new follower. Jane

  7. I am loving this look! That table is gorgeous! And I have always loved the look of those galvanized steel chairs. And all from Crate and Barrel - so impressed!

  8. OH these images are so great! I admire people who can pull this off!

    Luvs sweetie!

  9. Thanks for following Jane, I just love my peeps!

  10. I am so into this as well. I love the cold steel with the warmth of the wood.