Monday, August 30, 2010

small sneak peak

between the big move, my husband's car getting repaired after it was hit while parked (the person who hit him left a note,how sweet-right,) our computer getting a virus, and cleaning the old place for our tenant- i managed to catch a mother of a cold. sucks big time.  i don't have much for you, but here it is...

friday afternoon-moving day
p.s. the movers quoted us one price and we ended up paying double-go figure

changing out the door knob and locks wednesday after closing

i literally took these photos 30 seconds before leaving the house today


fireplace in family room

dining room

i'll have more once we get more situated and i feel a little better, but for now this cold is kickin my butt!

thanks for all your wonderful comments on our long-awaited move


  1. i hope you feel better! love that white dresser / chest in the last photo! it's fabulous :)

  2. WOOOW everything is lovely!!!:):) and get better soon:)

  3. great pics despite all the craziness of moving! And I just started following you....weird b/c I thought I was following...I guess I was subscribed but not following!! anyway enjoy the unpacking.

  4. Congrats - looks like you are getting your home put together so quickly!

  5. Seriously, those dining room chairs are gorgeous!! As for the chaos in your life, did you grab a glass of wine yet?? ;-)

  6. I love those white chairs in the first pic! You've got something good going on girl!

  7. Wow you have had your hands full!!! I am gaga for your dining room chairs and that dresser! That painting and those glass decanters are gorgeous!!!!


  8. Can I snag a pic of your dresser?!!! : )

    Let me know!

  9. I'm loving all your yellow accents! Can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  10. Congrats on moving your house looks great! love how your dresser turned out!