Thursday, August 19, 2010

my bench grew legs!

it's one thing to have a cowhide rug or a zebra print stool, or of course my mongolian lamb pillow,
but this is o to the freakin' c {out of control}
 i don't know about you...but this disturbs me!
whatcha think?

via oly
** on a sidenote:  i just got my instyle magazine and it is literally as thick as the BIBLE.  gotta go!


  1. Quite odd for sure... pretty entertaining to lack at though!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  2. ha ha, love your comment about in style magazine. I am including that in my post for tomorrow :) you are right-it is SO thick!!! ok and that first bench is slightly weird....

  3. I totally would have nitemares if I had one of these items. It also freaked my out a not a bit but allot.

  4. Creepy!! Just got my instyle also, can't wait to look through it front to back.

  5. hahah! yes, so strange! I would be scared to sit in fear that my stool would dash off right out from under me.