Wednesday, August 11, 2010

deal of a century no. 03

snagged these at the land of nod outlet {located next to the crate and barrel outlet}
for 25 cents each. 

so i did what any other normal person would do and bought 26 of them.  cheers!
i think i am going to replace my pulls on my dresser, but if i don't end up doing that i'm sure i'll find a use for these somehow. 
**they had them in pink too, but seeing that i don't have a girl, i passed.  even i think it would be a little crazy to get them just in case (wink, wink). 


  1. they would look great on a dresser :)

  2. Score! They will brighten up whatever piece of furniture you pretty!

  3. Had a kitchen with white cabinets and green glass knobs. I loved it - great score! (I paid way more..)

  4. Oh I wish we had an outlet here! I need this for Evie's new dresser! So cute, what a deal!


  5. I want to see what you end up doing with these (probably something amazing!) and then I will probably wish I had 25 in pink since I have a little girl!
    (and agree on the shoes :)

  6. whahhhhh??
    .25 a piece? that IS the deal of the century. nice work!
    i am so glad you snagged all of them. i don't think i'd be able to sleep at night knowing that there were any more left!
    what a score.

  7. I say woo hoo what a DEAL I love them pretty green. Green is my fav. color..