Thursday, November 18, 2010

antique shopping with my mama

why is it that when you are looking for something, it seems like you can't find it?
and when you finally buy the item you've been seeking,
you find a ton more options that were there all along?

i went antique shopping with my mom the other day and came across some beauties.
i love this table and actually the 8 chairs that come with it.
for $450, it's a steal!

and i love it so much because it slightly resembles this z gallerie style that i have adored for quite some time.

these chairs are similar to the ones i just purchased. 
all i can say is buyer's remorse...the story of my life.

then we went to another antique shop down the street.  it was huge and had so many treasures.  about 3/4 of the way through it, i thought - oh, i should be taking some pictures-

this would be great above a side table in the bedroom

 some of the pieces were re-finished and had really cute details...

 gotta love a guilded frame
 here's another re-finished piece with unique color choices.
 i love this!  and look at that deal, plus everything was 30% off.  it was hard to pass up.
and actually as i'm writing this post i have a discomfort in my chest- how did i pass this up.
oh, because i don't have anywhere to put it or need for it.
 and these antlers, love!
there was so much more, but like a dumby i didn't start taking pics until i was almost done looking.
i guess it was the amazement i was experiencing.
i bought two small treasures. 


    <3 Cara
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  2. I LOVE that frame....where were these shops? I'm curious. Next time you go, I want to come.

  3. love your tresures. I love that first table and chairs. My mom had a similar table for years and years. She painted it black a few years ago and it looks awesome! You would of thought it came from CB or PB.

  4. I never manage to take any good pics while I'm out shopping.

    Your finds are great! Where are they going to live?

  5. stacy, they were in naperville and lisle on ogden ave.
    naomi, i placed them in my living room right now, but who knows where they'll really end up :)

  6. I just love antique shopping! That white hutch is awesome!

  7. The dining room table and chairs are awesome!!! Some great finds.