Wednesday, May 26, 2010

giving birth...virtually

alison + dan

= our son, jaxon {at 8(left) and 4(right) months}

not this child?  what do you think...does he/she look like us?  the big dent in its cheek is disturbing me...

i discovered this software while reading tearing up houses...she has a cute one!


  1. Not even close! And you'd think they'd be able to at least make a round face of your virtual child without that big dent! I say skip the software. They get an F ;-)

  2. I have to say, I think your kids are way cuter. The dent looks like a dimple gone beserk!


  3. That software kinda sucks. Where did the skin color come from, cuz neither of you are that color. He is sooooo much cuter.

  4. Ummm well she's not bad looking or anything but I, of course think Jaxon is much cuter. The pic looks like a water painting... I'm not disturbed by it, not a big deal! lol

  5. What?? NOTHING that tells me it could be your child I say WHAAaaaT?? dent in the face is just not right. Now Jaxon,he looks like you guys.