Monday, May 17, 2010

lalalovin lalalucite

oh, lucite, how i love you...lucite is one of those elements that transforms a space into something spectacular.  it is great for small spaces because of the fact that it is transparent, or just to add a little modern splash to more classic items in a room.  i love it and want a piece of lucite in every room in my house-well almost every room.

my inspiration for this new necklace, isn't it lovely (modeled by the elegant, faith)
here's a better view
"why did i agree to this, ugh!"


  1. Awwwwe Faithers!!!! Love that hot tamale of a dog... she's got her diva on!

  2. Loving this necklace! Details please. Cute pooch too.

  3. i picked this up at good ol loehman's for $25 bucks. couldn't pass it up!