Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 reasons i can't wait to move

1.  taking your dog out should not include walking down 3 flights of stairs, getting hit on -hey sexy, how you doin' ma, what's your name- are just a few perfect pick up lines in which i politely exchange a word to keep it drama free {this does not happen daily, but enough to mention in this 'lil ol blog of mine} and then walking back up 3 flights of stairs 3-4 times a day
2.  having a garage-enough said
3.  not having to sit in 2-3 hours of traffic daily with a 2.5 year old
4.  outdoor space-reminder:  i have a 2.5 year old and a dog
5.  it should not take 15 minutes (on a good day) to get to target.  p.s. we live in chicago, it should not take that long...
6.  lugging up two bags {20 lbs}, groceries {10 lbs} occasionally and at times a 2.5 year old {31 lbs} 3 flights of stairs-DAILY
7.  being able to throw parties with more than 6 people {well we've had more, but it gets a little crowded}
8.  not having to crawl on all fours to get the shoes i need and working up a sweat in the process because for some reason i can't find the shoes-why because my closet is sooooo small
9.  having more space-period
10.  feeling like i can finally exhale after years!

sidenote:  the city is fine if you can afford a single fam home with an attached garage, backyard, in a nice area with lots of space...we cannot afford said house.  i have enjoyed city living for several years, however it just doesn't work anymore for our family; and did i mention i have a 2.5 year old boy with lots of energy.  this is why i LOVE the suburbs and cannot wait to move.  it cannot happen fast enough!

btw the novogratz's make it look so lovely to raise 7 kids in manhatten-that's because they are rich-i know i sound bitter, sorry

p.s. sorry you had to read all of my complaining, but i feel much better now that it is off my chest.  i'll never do it again...i promise


  1. Andrew had just moved from Chi-town when we met and I'm originally from there. While we both LOVE that city, I can completely understand a lot of your complaints -- totally valid!


  2. yes, it is a great city-no doubt! i will still be able to enjoy it -only 30 miles away :)

  3. praying and praying and praying it happens soon!!!!!

  4. Oh I do the same at the gym as you do on the stairs! haha! My husband asks me why I don't just ignore, but I what's the point of being rude when you can say hi and breeze on bye right? Especially when you know you'll see these "classy" people often!

    p.s. Let's switch places! I love city living! And although I have an elevator to get up my 3 flights, I'll take 3 flights of stairs any day as long as my zip is 10011 ;)

  5. i agree 100%. The only pluses I have currently that keep me in my city living is a. we have no children (knock on wood - yet). and b. we do have 2 dogs but we are on a raised first floor, and c. we were lucky enough to find a garage spot to rent in the alley behind our condo building.

    So for not I'm content but I'm sure at some point in our future my complaints will be the same. Which suburb are you off to?!

  6. Love you mama... it'll happen soon enough. **amen**

  7. It will happen soon but I guess not soon enough though it sure seems like eternity. It's ok to complain sometimes it can be very healthy as long it's not done all the time cus then you get too stressed out. I love you!!
    I can't wait until you have that big party with that outdoor furniture. Looking forword to all the good times. that is your mothere's wish.

  8. Hello Lover: we have been looking in naperville, woodridge, & bolingbrook (western suburbs) where are family and friends are closest. i'll let you know if i sign up for eddie ross...i really want to.

  9. roxy: i don't ignore the guys because i've tried and those guys are PERSISTENT! they don't stop until you respond-creeps.