Tuesday, May 4, 2010

jennifer zeuner

i have been thinking about this jennifer zeuner necklace for awhile now. this would be a perfect gift for mother's day (hinty hint hint). what a cute concept to flip the cross to the side- makes a classic, turn modern and young.

you can get it in silver or gold starting at $110
and a larger size for $176

then there's the three initial monogram starting at $242

reminds me of a de-blinged out version of alexis's,from the real housewives of o.c., necklace her husband gave her this past season that was like 6 karats of diamonds for around $20,000 or something like that-ridic.
celebs spotted wearing her pieces: jessica alba, rachel zoe, whitney from the hills/the city, miley cyrus(looks like she lives in these pieces), nicky hilton, taylor swift, vanessa hudgens and l.c. of course.
you can check out the entire collection here.

i can't wait to get mine (wink) and layer it with my magic feather pendant from hazel & harlow.


  1. That 3 initial monogram one is amazing...trying to think of a subtle way to email this post to my husband at work...hmmmm.

  2. I really like the cross to the side, especially with a child it seems less likely to get pulled and messed with.

  3. Love all those necklaces so simple yet lovely.

  4. I am enamored with that monogram!! I had to hint on my blog too. Hopefully the hubs read it. HA!

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  6. A shop on Etsy actually sells the cross for so much less...they are so CUTE!