Tuesday, May 25, 2010

money ain't a thang

if money were no object, my home would be filled with these beauties.  lustworthy, droolworthy, tiny heart palpitation-worthy; in any case, i adore.
baxter club chair $1495

milk glass pendant $1225

 french provencial chairs $6200

mirrored white screen $4500

x-bench $595

fretwork cabinet $3650

heywood wakefield beach chair $3445
{not sure about this one, but it was so unique}


these two are priced semi-reasonably
white deer antlers $230 {i may just get these one day}

silver owl $57 each

check out  pieces inc, even if you can't afford these gems, it will give you great inspiration as you are thrifting, dumpster diving or whatever is your pleasure.

via pieces


  1. I agree, why can't someone just give me a bunch of money to decorate my house. Then my house would be awesome. I would definatly love those high backed chairs.

  2. i thought this stuff looked familiar! pieces is fab but SO expensive!

  3. well I am going to buy a lottery tickets. I love Orange color the chairs would look awesome in my LR. Wow the Prices.

  4. I'm CRAZY about that Fretwork cabinet... damn I want that!

  5. I'm dying over the orange seating..the baxter and the provencal!