Monday, September 27, 2010

buy this, you'll love me for it. {and a dining room dilemma}

this popcorn maker is the best.  it may as well be called a crackcorn popper. 
it is a microwave popcorn maker that is super easy. 
1-  simply pour corn kernels into the bottom, making a thin layer
2- place desired amount of butter/margerine in the mesh strainer on the cap (i prefer 2 Tbsp)
3-  microwave for 2-3 minutes
4- sprinkle salt and enjoy.
it is so yummy to my tummy
buy it here

{this was my lunch on sunday}

and while i have your attention:

we bought a dining room table on saturday.  i just don't have any chairs and i just thought i might ask my blog friends if you have any great suggestions.  remember that i am trying to coordinate
 the white dresser-turned sideboard- into the mix

i was thinking something like this, but wanted other options as i know my hubs won't really be down for the budget that these will involve.

thanks for any suggestions or input.  i'm counting on you guys because i pretty stumped...


  1. We like the idea of adding white chairs!


  2. I also love that popcorn popper, I do like the idea of white chair which you picked out go with that and you will be happier.

  3. What a fun popcorn maker! I'm going to file that in the back of my mind for a housewarming gift.

    The white chairs are a great idea, will go great with the sideboard. Maybe something at the very budget friendly Ikea? They must have something that has that modern contemporary feel.

  4. Crate & barrel have a bunch of cool white chairs & some darker ones with white cushions that could look great in this room

  5. darn I was gonna say panton. while they are cheaper than tulips, they still aren't super duper cheap. Would you ever go the mixed-up route and find a bunch of vintage chairs to spray white. You could always mix in tulips over time....

  6. Love the idea of white chairs! Yes to both comments above, Crate and Barrel does have some great ones.

    I also like the idea of some side of the road and free(read vintage) mix and match chairs (spray painted white) until you can save up for the ones you really want.

    P.S. I grew up spoiled, my Mom has always made Popcorn with a stove top popper, like this one. The difference in taste is just unreal.

  7. I'm with Naomi, I was thinking of mix and match chairs painted white.

    I love the surface of that table!

  8. Awesome new dining table sweety..very unique indeed! I was going to suggest similar chairs...I thought white Eiffel Chairs would look great in contrast or Panton chairs...or mismatched chairs would also look great..were you having 4 or 6?

    Also...think you better check the results of the giveaway you entered on my blog :) x

  9. I really like your new table! What about acrylic chairs like the Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs?? And if you don't feel like paying an arm and a leg, they do have cheaper versions of all the designer chairs. :)

  10. Yes some sort of white chairs. Maybe you could redo some?
    That popcorn popper is so cool! I want one so bad now!