Tuesday, September 7, 2010

home updates

i gave you a sneak peak last week, now here's a full-on look at our kitchen and family room.
but, first, here is the before of the light fixtures above the kitchen table:

and just in case you didn't see how horrible the florrescent light panel was, here's a close-up
you can't see it from the photo, but there was about ten dead bugs trapped in it as well.

more updates to come on my chair project and ottoman re-do for my living room.


  1. Amazing...loving what you are doing here, and that you are bringing us along for the ride! Great lighting choices!

  2. Love the light fixtures!! So cool.

  3. The light fixtures over the kitchen island are just AMAZING!!!
    May I ask where they are from, because I know just the place to hang them?
    Sigh... can't wait to get started myself.

  4. the whole space looks amazing!! love the lamps and the chairs... congrats on a job well done!

  5. I love it all what a transformation just in one week now that's what I call it the WOW factor.

  6. I love seeing your updates! those light fixtures are perfect. And 18 pairs??? ok now I feel better about going and buying a couple more pairs for the fall :)
    hope you are getting settled into the new place.

  7. Light fixtures make all the difference! I had so much fun picking ours out when we first moved in.


  8. Thanks ladies!
    Nicole Lisa: you can get the light fixtures at CB2, but i got mine at crate&barrel outlet.
    style'n: i know, i didn't realize that i had 18 pairs until i was un-packing them and it seemed like they were never-ending.

  9. Oh it is coming on so well! You have such great taste. Those pendants over the table are gorgeous!!!


  10. Wow i LOVE those dining chairs!
    i wish they were in Aus!
    love ur Blog by the way, i just stumbled across it.

  11. Looking good - love the changes you made in the kitchen lighting!

  12. SO much better! I love the color peeking out from those pendants.

  13. Great lighting you choose - so playful and fun! You have super tall ceilings & windows so much light.....great home congrats again