Thursday, September 2, 2010

my last weekend

i have been pretty hard on the city in the past.  i should mention that this was speaking out of frustration and i actually think the city is a great, cultural, architecturally beautiful place.  i would just rather live in the comforts and convenience of the suburbs and visit the city occassionally-is that a better attitude? 

here is a little moment from the weekend before our big move.

jaxon and i stopped at a cute bakery for a quick snack before fabric shopping

this is what i ate

and jaxon ate a delicious donut

...we shared an apple juice
after that lovely snack we went to vogue fabrics and fishman's fabrics to look for the perfect fabric for the chairs i plan to redo.  and then we almost got hit by a car-seriously!  that was the beautiful end to our city day.


  1. Can I eat that too? so sounds like you moved from the city to the burbs? we are in the city and I agree-sometimes things are just easier in the suburbs. hope the unpacking is going well.

  2. I agree the suburbs are great because you can visit the city but not have to live there! Glad you guys are safe how tramatic!!!


  3. i love cities and most definitely yours is a great one... been there only once but looking forward to be able to go back one day...