Monday, October 18, 2010

checking in: tides south beach

i am IN LOVE with this hotel!
the tides south beach is such a great interpretation of 

the large coral display is killing me along with the sofa and garden stools

i love the rounded shape on all of the furniture and the warm color pallette.

the same elements are used in various areas of the hotel, making me really want these chairs, really!
and what about that pattern on the wall, wouln't you just die...

i think i've featured this room before, but never knew it was from this hotel.
so...pretty sure it would be a bad idea to vacation here, seeing that i would be pretty depressed upon my departure, and i'd go broke trying to duplicate this look in my home somehow.


  1. what a gorgeous space! i think one of the greatest pleasures in life is staying at a really fabulous hotel! there is so much inspiration to be found, and it makes you feel like a rock star.

  2. beautiful images of this hotel. I love the image with the desk and I love all that last picture with the orange headboard.

  3. That bedroom is gorgeous! Along with all the other pretty pictures ♥

  4. Just gorgeous! I want to go so bad!!!


  5. oh girl...I need a getaway..this post is making me want to pack my bags asap!