Friday, October 8, 2010

try these, you'll thank me later

open face tuna on rye with swiss and arugula
i mixed albacore tuna with mayo, mustard, celery, tomatoes, s&p and lemon pepper

wedge salad
if you haven't had one in awhile you're missing out

patty melt topped with swiss, beer infused carmelized onions and mushrooms
on toasted whole grain

this banana cake with make you go bananas, seriously!  get the recipe here
her recipes will make you a little chubby but happy...


  1. This could be dangerous! Looks amazing - and I was already hungry to start with! haha- my word verification was "apita". Guess the food theme continues :)

  2. mmmm now I am starving! I love wedge salads!

  3. i just made a delicious banana-chocolate-chip cake. mmmm!!! ill have to try these too :)


  4. We clearly have the exact same taste in food...and now kinda dying! WOW!

  5. Ok now I am hungry! Those tuna sandwiches look amazing..and the banana cake looks so yummy!!


  6. You are amazing!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the B A N A N A cake. I'm going to have to try the rest of the goodies. MMM