Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a hot greazzy mess + a new blog you should check out!!

my walls in the kitchen are painted a flat ivory color.
flat paint + cooking = nasty-ness
they are crying for a backsplash, as i am too!
here are some options...

classic subway tile, can't go wrong

i just love this, but will it be overwhelming?
{not navy, maybe a black or really dark brown}

subtle, but very interesting

also, another subtle option, but my countertops are a medley of
beige brown and some really dark brown-black flecks,
not sure if grey will look good.
jeff lewis design

bling-nation, i probably wouldn't do this but it's fun to look at.

my favorite, but i think it may be too pricey.  i need to find a knock off somewhere.
i really enjoy the classic vibe but it also has a modern kick to it.

this tile would match my counters, but i think i need something to brighten up the kitchen because my cabinets are the same color as this picture too. hmmm...
*thanks to you paid more than me for all of these images and for her research.
apparently we have similar tastes in backsplash tiles!

on another topic, i am a weekly contributor for name your design the blog.

she is an awesomely talented designer and has had a ton on her plate between her shopstationary line 

and recent collaboration with itzy ritzy including these cute reusable bags that use her fabric design.

what makes these bags so great you ask?
Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened bags (pictured above) support the World Hunger Relief and the World Food Program. The bags are available for purchase on the From Hunger to Hope website and come in packs of two for $20. Proceeds from each bag go toward feeding 40 hungry children across the globe.....so go and buy some today!

check me out in action over there today...plus her blog is super cute too!


  1. Wow, you covered a lot of stuff. I have had classic white subway tile on my backsplash 1 house ago. You can't go wrong there. I now have marble tiles on the backsplash of this house, with concrete-colored corian countertops. I love that chevron backsplash but it will really be THE element in the room. Wouldn't want to commit to that.

  2. We need a backsplash to but there are so many choices and I can't decide what to do! Love your choices.

  3. those Moroccan ones are super cute. Have you checked out pool tiles? sounds funny, but they tend to be inexpensive and have shapes like this.

  4. I vote first and third! I adore the classic subway tile and the third I ripped out of a magazine to save for my future home ideas folder ;)

  5. you can go wrong with classic subway tile. if you use a dark grey grout instead of white it will give your backsplash that extra special touch!

  6. I vote for 1 or 2. But I'm partial since I'm having subway tiles installed on our backsplash today. :)

    Don't forget, you can play around with grout colors, too!


  7. The white subway tile is my fav!!! I LOVE!


  8. I like # 3 and the bling one! And wow I love the entire look of that last kitchen--so nice to be able to sit like that at the island.

  9. ooooo i LOVE that third kitchen. its modern but kind of feels vintagey and so homey.


  10. thanks for the advice everyone! subway tiles are inexpensive and chic looking plus when you play around w the grout color, it does add a little something special.

  11. WOW...so many selections! The thing about tile is that it is not easily changed like paint :( so go classic would be my suggestion.

  12. I love the your dining area! Well-organized..