Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a teepee for my little man

i finished the teepee for jaxon!
here are the supplies, minus the stitch witchery which i didn't use

for the most part it was pretty easy, i think i made it harder than it was because i was being super anal.
you fold the canvas into a triangle and then cut the bottom portion into a semi-circle, and the tip of the triangle into a small semi-circle.

assemble the sticks, which i probably re-did like 50 times...i was obsessed with getting it perfectly spread apart.

 voila, a teepee is made!
 the tutorial said to use grommets, but i didn't feel like dealing with them, so i just hand stitched the opening at the top with some yarn, which made it more rustic and playful anyway.
 i initially bought a feather trim for the bottom of the teepee, but after opening the package i asked myself, do i really want his floor to be covered in feathers everyday {answer:  no}  what was i thinking?
but since i got the trim for such a good deal {hobby lobby $5- it was 50% off of $10} i had to find something else to trim.  duh, the ugly lamp that i have been wanting to throw away for about 3 years but always had high hopes for...
 see i told you it was ugly, well the lampshade at least. it's definitely seen better days and it doesn't go with the decor i'm going for in jaxon's big boy room
 i bought a lampshade at crate and barrel outlet {my version of goodwill, which i never have luck at and everyone else and their mother seems to} for $5!

it's a natural grasscloth-type fabric perfect for the room

so of course i trimmed that bad boy in the feathers
and there you have it, a lamp makeover for 10 bucks.
i might paint the stand this weekend, not sure yet.

 i'm not sure if i still want to trim the hem of the teepee.  i saw a cute "leather" fringe trim, but i don't really want to take the teepee to a super literal/authentic state.  i know it's a teepee, how modern can you be with it, right? 

thoughts on the fringe, yes or no?


  1. The teepee looks so great Alison! I love how it turned out...and surprisingly easy!

    And I saw your comment about my Ikea table on Leah's blog. Here is the link on the Canadian site, so maybe you could find it in the U.S.:

  2. How fun!!! :)
    You're super super super talented!

  3. shannon, you are the BEST. i am so excited! thanks for the link!!

  4. I love it!!! I think I need to try to make one for the kids. How long did it take you? Love the lamp as well. You are super creative!

  5. what a great project! LOVE!!
    Nan Lawson giveaway over on my blog, come check it out!

  6. i love it!!! i may just have to steal this idea from you for my little men (4 & 17 months!!) right now they enjoy a Thomas tent :)

  7. Wow that teepee is so so cute! I am sure he is going to have so much fun in there!
    Great job!


  8. Teepee :) is looking good you did a great job Alison. All his lil pals will have a blast being and chasing Inidans.

  9. we are coming over to play in that soon! awesome job. i seriously want one.