Tuesday, July 6, 2010

living rooms: 4 ways

i adore each of these living rooms for different reasons.  i'd be happy if any of these were part of my home!

1.  mixture of patterns and textures

2.all of the windows, the gorgeous chairs and the worldly vibe

3.  the beams, of course, and the restraint of color leaves the room very clean but interesting

4.  a bright white room with hints of citrus accessories and the flow of the two rooms
elle decor


  1. The second one makes me swoon. The windows!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

    I love that 3rd room, with the ceiling beams, I love beams. Someday we'll have a house with beams galore!

  3. Love the first one with the mix of patterns and textures! So great!

  4. I am with Leah - I love the 1st room! I want a pair of those X benches so badly! I have been on the lookout, but they are always so expensive! Maybe one of these days...

  5. im so crazy for white decor. i love that last one! it also has my favorite pop color, chartreuse! did you read my post on that awhile ago? i love it.

  6. #2 my favorite!!!!! Great pics!!! ;)