Friday, July 2, 2010

who gonna check me, boo?

i wonder if these words ever come across the minds of these girls when they are getting dressed?
"who gonna check me, boo?"quoted from the lovely sheree of real housewives of atlanta.  because from the looks of these get-ups-they clearly don't care!
someone needs to check them...i guess i'll be the lucky one to do the dirty job. 
if these girls have a stylist, they should fire them immediately and if they don't have one,
at least contact me for some advice or i guess you could hire someone too.

too tacky and it doesn't fit her properly

i didn't get the memo that leisure suits were back, so no

upholstery at it not best

this is a picture from the look of the day (instyle)
and they described her look as avante garde, i beg to differ

she is sexy but this is too much and i have a huge problem with the metal by her abs

you know the lovely rachel couldn't get past me, it just looks weird

oh v...not the right event

i am aware she is a country singer, but these appliques are not working for me

i just don't understand why you would pick this dress out of all the dresses??

gwen, yikes! 1st look:  not flattering, 2nd look too jane of the jungle {it would have been fine sans the gladiator sandals which would be super cute with some shorts!}
note:  these aren't the worst dressed ladies...however since they are big celebs, they should look great/outstanding/breathtaking, especially if they are paying someone to style them, i'm just saying...
via instyle

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  1. Totally agree, if I had all that money I would dress fabulously every single day, especially when you're going to be photographed.