Friday, April 30, 2010

do you trust bilson?

question: why does rachel bilson have a monthly column for InStyle magazine when she wears stuff like this:
gold lame (can't figure out how to add the accent) gone bad

was this taken in the 90's

this dress would be ok if it had a top

i'm not trying to hate on her, she's such a gorgeous girl, but i think there are more sylish celebs out there that should be giving advice. from the images above, i am even more qualified. i will give her credit though, here looks aren't always that bad- she does have decent style at times:

images via flickr

but just average- far from the best i've seen. i don't know, maybe it' just me...would you take fashion advice from rachel based on these looks? am i being too hard on her? (remember the top three, yikes!)


  1. I know, that's what I've always thought. She really is nobody to be giving fashion advice. Now if it was Gwen Stefani or someone like that maybe it would be valuable. BTW, love your blog.

  2. Ummmmm agreed! Also is she still an "actress" or does Instyle supplement her Hayden christensen contract money? Cause people always talk about how she is so (allegedly) fashionable....but that costs money.....and again, is she a working actress? Maybe by working they mean "working". Sorry tangent. No, Alison, you are not being too hard. She dresses like crap and she should change her name to Mischa.

  3. you are too funny! i love the last line...i'm glad you guys agree with me because for a minute i was like-am i the only one who thinks this, but then i looked at her pics again and said, no!