Thursday, April 29, 2010

on to the next one



so, here's the deal. we are looking for a home and i am really, really, really ready to move. so i found a house in a great neighborhood, great school district and great price!!! we were about to put an offer on the table when we saw that it just went into contract-sigh!!! this house was almost everything that i would want in a house-you know you can never get everything on the list. so like any other normal person- i basically stalked the house. drove by it before and after we viewed it with the realtor and then another couple of few times, that's it.

well, you can imagine my disappointment and deflation of excitement when i heard the news. i seriously stalked this house online and off-i was practically making friends with the neighbors-no i wasn't but you get the point.

then, this beauty (pictured above) came into my life. a new muse, if you will. this is better than the other house but with a bigger price tag, of course. almost too big but not quite, if you know what i'm mean. definitely a harder sell for my husband-on the price. so now the cycle begins once again. i think i do this (stalking-for a lack of better words) because it keeps my mind busy and optimistic-and i can start imagining how i will decorate this house-it's all about daydreaming people. keeps you from going crazy when you're trying to sell your place.

p.s. the interior is amazing!! tall, beamed ceilings, large open floor plan, ugh...what am i going to do?!

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  1. oh no, but good luck with that new one! Daydreaming is what gets me thru the stress every time!