Friday, April 9, 2010

are you indecisive?

why did it take me over 30 minutes to pick out a coffee maker at target? is it really that big of a deal? apparentlly yes. and i feel bad for my mom who has to go through this with me each time i am picking something my cell phone color (white&red or black&green?)
i went with red.

or what greek yogart to buy at trader joe's. i am CRAZY. i think it literally -or as rachel zoe says "lit-trally"- took me a good 10-15 minutes to choose. i was trying to get a vanilla yogart with a low amount of sugar. it doesn't exist so i just bought the plain kind and sweeten it up myself with honey and a little sugar.
what is strange though is that a huge, oh let's say...naming your child was made in minutes. the same thing happened when i picked out my kitchen cabinets/countertops when we moved to our condo. i knew what i wanted and just went with it. these are big items and it was a no brainer...not to mention the kitchen is an expensive item and a child's name lasts a lifetime-hello...

**the doozie...i am taking back the coffee maker that i decided on for 30 minutes because i found a coupon for a mr. coffee coffee maker and i know it is a better brand that hamilton beach -in the coffee world. i'm a psychopath!


  1. that sounds like me. i agonize over a decision and then change my mind!

    congrats on your first post, and thanks for becoming a follower. good luck in the giveaway!

  2. I am so indecisive when picking out food it's not even funny.